4 Modern Houses From The Project To The Final Result

4 Modern Houses From The Project To The Final Result

Very often you can see images of fabulous homes, from outside up to the smallest details of the interior, rarely has the opportunity to see the projects that are the basis of their construction. In this Book of Ideas homify then we decided to offer four fantastic houses with projects and plans, so that you can make a more accurate and complete picture of the distribution of the spaces and their overall organization with the help of our experts. 4 modern houses, perfect examples of contemporary style that will feed your creativity and inspire solutions to bring into your home.

The dining room

Inoltriamoci now in the rest of the house, namely in the dining room, an environment a bit ‘more secluded but stands out in tone and character. Once again stands out to the eye the difference between container and contents, the first modern, essential and delicate, the second classic, sometimes majestic, and with an important past behind. Just look at the design of the console and the beauty of the Arte Povera table complete with chairs.

The bathroom

But if up to ancient and modern now have equally lived together in an amazing combination of factors, in the bathroom all this disappears. We are in fact, in a fort of modernity and the latest trend. Starting from the large light and dark tiles respectively to the floor and the wall, through the design of furnishing radiator, and eventually the style of bathroom. In short, an explosion of elegance and refinement. And you, what do you think

A large modern environment

Here is the wonderful result of a great transformation, which makes us believe that we are hardly talking about the same apartment the previous photo. The dining room and the living room have been integrated into a single space, where communication and the light flow both evenly. The depth of field is impressive and the apparent spaciousness is enhanced by the white color of the walls, much brighter and modern. Along the side wall comprises a storage space, with simple lines with minimalist furniture. This environment is now synonymous with modernity and luxury.

Functionality and ingenuity

As already mentioned, along the lateral wall is a large white wall system that adds more space to store books and magazines and is characterized by decidedly contemporary lines. This mobile favors the entire wall, including the doors and is at the same time the library and media area, without forgetting the places decorative elements on the shelves of it. The lower part of the equipped wall contains the radiators without that are in view. An ingenious solution!

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