Benefits and Rambutan Fruit for Health Benefits


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Know the Benefits and Rambutan Fruit for Health Benefits. Rambutan fruit Nephelium lappaceum has a Latin name, is a fruit that comes from tropical regions such as southeast asia. The fruit is often consumed because it has a sweet nature and rich in water content. Although there is also a sour taste, especially mengkal: D. But not many know that this fruit also has properties that are good for health.

And here are some of the health benefits of fruit rambutan as reported by the Times Of India website.

Rambutan fruit skin free-radical scavengers.
Rambutan skin also has some organic compounds, gallic acid. And according to research, organic compounds that behave as free-radical scavengers because it helps protect against oxidative damage in the human body. Another powerful benefit is its use in the fight against cancer. And because of the strong antioxidant activity, extracts of bark and fruit are also often used as a medicine or health supplement products.

Helps the absorption of iron.
The vitamin C content of fruit rambutan also prevents the body’s cells from damage by free radicals. It also helps in the absorption of iron in the body. The fruit contains copper which is important for the formation of white blood cells and red as well as manganese, which is required to produce and activate the enzyme.

Source of iron.
Because of rambutan fruit is a good source of iron, so that the fruit is also highly recommended consumed by women. Iron in it, is able to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. This in turn helps relieve the symptoms of dizziness and lethargy caused by an iron deficiency or anemia.

Maintain kidney health.
Also containing phosphorus, eating rambutan will help eliminate unwanted waste from the kidneys. It also plays an important role in the repair, renovation, development, and maintenance of tissues and cells of the body. Another ingredient in the fruit of calcium, it also helps improve the health of bones and teeth.

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