Benefits Gargling With Salt Water Warm


Who does not know the salt, seasoning cook frequently used, no salt no saltiness. This salt is used from time immemorial to the present. Not only as seasoning but is often used for the treatment, skin care and body. Salts can also dijadi natural scrub for the body, eliminating body odor, and reduce pain by soaking body. Utilization of salt is also done using to rinse.

water garamPernah heard of gargling with salt water? The body requires a certain size if the salt in the salt consumed, the excess is not good for the body. Therefore, the salt water is not to be swallowed but only gargled his mouth alone.

We have had a lot of mouthwash containing active ingredients such as povidone, cetypyridinium chloride, chorhexidine, etc. These materials have side effects such as damage tooth enamel and can reduce the sharpness of the sense of taste, sometimes irritation in the oral cavity. So now there is an alternative that herbal mouthwash and easy to find, by using a solution of salt water.

Benefits gargling with salt water

The salt water is used to rinse remedy and not to be swallowed. So that the benefits will be going to have much effect on our mouth, be it on the teeth, gums, and surrounding areas. Indeed gargling with salt water has long been done by our ancestors. Whoever started, but trust them to use salt water to rinse the fact is very beneficial to oral health. It was not separated from the sodium content kloida and iodine in salt. Here are various benefits of gargling with salt water we need to know:

Cleaning the mouth
Since the first ones to utilize saline rinse. In addition to health reasons, to save money also. Gargling with salt water can replace the role of mouthwash. If anyone is worried about using mouthwash can use salt water to rinse.

The most inexpensive mouthwash
Every day there are people who toothache or inflammation of the gums, etc. Brushing teeth alone is not enough to clean the germs and bacteria in the mouth because germs and bacteria will live in between the teeth. Gargle with mouthwash can more effectively clean the mouth. If no mouthwash can use salt water as an alternative, in addition to cheap but easy to find.

Prevent aches
Salt can clean the teeth without damaging the enamel or enamel. But is not recommended for sensitive teeth too frequent gargling with salt. Mix with the salt water was once a substitute for toothpaste and benefits almost as good as toothpaste today.

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