Benefits of black ear fungus

Gambar terkait

Black Ear Mushrooms (auricularia auricular) is thought to be very beneficial for the healing of heart disease, blood vessels with sediment (aterosklerqsis), cholesterol-lowering and triglycerides, antiplatelet, and anti-blood coagulation, as well as anti-bleeding.

If a person wants to consume black ear mushrooms every day, blood flow will become smooth, avoid stroke, heart or brain due to blockage in the blood vessels. Lately many people have a stroke, caused by the occurrence of paralysis or heart attack. This disease does not distinguish the rich, poor, elderly or middle-aged.

Black ear mushrooms as food is no stranger to our society, which we know in the menu like timlo solo, oseng-oseng soon. Chinese society has long known black ear fungus as a food ingredient or as a medicine.

In China, ear mushrooms, used as blood thinning or anticogulation drugs that prevent blood coagulation, but on the other hand can also function as an antihaemorhagi (mengehentian bleeding) -smith, Rowan, Sulivan 2002.

Unlike single chemical drugs, which work according to the nature of the treatment alone, while natural medicines from plants, containing more than one nutritious substance can balance each other.

If one of the substances works too hard will be braked by other substances, such as ear fungus, although he works as anticoagulant in the sense of blood does not easily thickened, and possibly if not balanced with anti-bleeding properties, then if injuries occur, the blood stops.

Since acetosal may be efficacious as an antiplatelet, it is often found, in the prescription of patients with cardiovascular disorders, in addition to the drug for the disease is also written by doctors asidurn acetylosalisilikurn or asetosal, aspirin.


Acetosal has long been used as a pain medication, or a fever remedy that is commonly present in cold medicine. As a headache drug used a dose of 500 mg for adults. Acetosal with a dose of 80 mg before known as blood antipletelet is used as a fever medicine for children.

At present flu drug compositions are no longer asset treated but given paracetamol, the replacement of acetosal with paracetamol because acetosal can cause stomach pain as well as setosal including less stable drugs.

Although administration of acetosal with small doses of 80-100-160 mg, may cause gastrointestinal disturbances in the form of diarrhea or gastric pain, in elderly patients suffered many gastrointestinal disturbances, on the one hand it takes the assetosal so that the blood does not thicken on the other side can cause things that do not Desired.

Black ear fungus that can be used as anticoagulansia, cholesterol-lowering and triglyceride was empirically can help people experiencing ateroskelorosis, so after feeling the free pain continue to consume every day by giving mushrooms on vegetables.

There are heart patients who are recommended for bypass surgery with exhausted energy and a sense of tightness, after 24 days of drinking water mushroom stew, his strength began to recover and slowly around the yogyakarta square one round, so the surgery plan can be postponed, but the drug Doctors were still drunk.
How to Boil:

10 grams of black ear mushrooms in yagi ginger 3 slices and garlic 3 grains if you can add clean meat 40 grams of fat and a little salt boiled with water 6 bowl into 2 bowls drunk day, morning and afternoon. This herb can clean 3 blocks in 45 days this case experienced by Prof.Hung Zhao Guang patient.

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