Best LCD Monitor DELL UltraSharp U2515H

Best LCD Monitor DELL UltraSharp U2515H

Here is another aesthetic monitor truly spectacular to see. It has one of the highest body ratio display absolute and has a minimal and subtle look; Furthermore it is also adjustable at will in many positions, for maximum comfort. Its diagonal is 25 inches and has a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It also features the IPS technology that provides a superior viewing angle and perfect contrast. We are at the top also regarding the response time, is never present delay or lag with the inputs. And it is to be commended also the value for money which makes it one of the best purchases. The only small flaw is the lack of VGA port and DVI port (there’s only HDMI) to allow connection even older PCs, but it’s a detail completely irrelevant if you want to use with a computer to ‘ garde.

Best LCD Monitors Acer XB280HK

We move quietly into the high-end gaming with a monitor from 28 inches diagonally and Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels Aesthetically it is of extreme comfort thanks to a minimally invasive stand but fully adjustable for any height and angle. of unquestionable strength is the quality of the image, which is very sharp and realistic both in media and in gaming. Another advantage is that even has a built-in USB hub to connect peripherals. By rewarding gaming experience, with G-Sync support for synchronization of performance directly with the video card. Finally, the response time of only 1 millisecond, there is virtually no delay. Only small sore point is the viewing angle that’s just not the top, but it’s a detail resolved by the possibility to adjust the display at will.

Editor’s Choice – Best LCD Monitors Asus PG278Q

You want the best of the best Asus is a master of the field, and it provides with this 27-inch diagonal monitor with Quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Here too there is a perfectly adjustable stand and highly articulated. At the technical level is even available 3D mode for this screen. And here we are at the stratospheric refresh rates with 144 Hertz in standard mode and 120 Hertz in 3D (including the adjustable via special button). Also present here the functionality G-Sync for your video card, and in addition there are options for gamers which allow you to make the most advanced gaming experience (for example, there is a button to customize the viewfinder in the game and make it more precise).

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