Tesla Model EXP, this would be the design of Tesla supercar made by a Spanish


Tesla, with the passage of the years and the increase of orders and deliveries, has been introducing itself to the hunting of new segments. It started with a small roadster, its most notable success being the Model S production.

Later he ventured with the crossover and, without a doubt, the Model 3 will be the final consolidation of the company in the market. Until a few months ago, it was a company that only ‘burned’ tickets since it did not generate profits. Now, on the other hand, it has the potential to dominate the market in various niches.

Are you thinking, then, of creating a supercar? The truth is that if what you are looking for is speed and acceleration, with the latest version have already succeeded. Then what sense would it have? While product development and market research managers study it, a Spaniard named Xabier Albizu has created a prototype to show what a future radical Tesla might look like.

Tesla Model EXP, the electric supercar with a Spanish touch

This Spanish designer has managed to combine a strong style with Tesla flavor with a very personal touch that reminds us of other sports of the moment. Starting at the front, features on both the calender and the headlights reveal what is the premise of this concept.

Along the way to the rear can be anticipated that we are before a car manufactured exclusively for the circuit. So much so that it has different flaps that contribute to an improvement of stability when you roll at high speeds.

At power level, it is impossible not to remember the incredible Rimac Concept One. The mechanics used in the electric supercar would be the same as the one used in the Model EXP. In this way, up to four motorizations with the torque vectoring system would be present to achieve infarction performance.

Continuing with the back, Xabier gave a nod to Bugatti’s latest creation, the Chiron. A lighting band that runs all the way back reminds us of the world’s fastest production car. However, the diffuser reminds us of the Jaguar C-X75, the sporty hybrid that shone in the latest installment of the James Bond saga.

Unfortunately, the creation produced by the designer Xabier Albizu will not go to production, although who knows, maybe he can receive a job offer in the future to carry out one of his dreams; The design of Tesla’s ultimate supercar.

Why did 100 yellow cars travel the most beautiful town in England?

To understand what has caused this tremendous caravan of yellow vehicles is important to put the reader in the background. A few weeks ago, an old man named Peter Maddox parked, as he always did, his yellow Opel (Corsa Vauxhall in UK) at the door of his house.

This should not be news if it were not because the car was parked in what is considered the most beautiful village in the English countryside, Bibury. Every day, hundreds of tourists come from all over the world spend the day in the locality, so a beautiful photograph always ends up doing for the memory.

Now, what happens when you do one with the panoramic view of the town and highlights, above all, a yellow car? Apparently, someone seemed to draw too much attention, destroying it completely in retaliation.

This is the answer when a holder of a yellow car touches the moral

The insurance valued the damages by giving it for loss. Thanks to his coverage, the company gave him another equal but he himself assumed that it should be of another color less ‘singing’ to avoid future reprisals, choosing for the new a discreet gray. As you can imagine, the repercussion reached the ears of the media, which spread the news of the event.

Thus, as a result, the network and social networks made it possible for a hundred drivers from all over England to decide to stay one day to circulate through the town as a means of protesting the vandalism suffered by the old man of Bibury.

At the meeting came all kinds of vehicles. From a Volkswagen van with a color that tossed more to green than yellow to several Lamborghini Gallardo or some other Volvo 850 T-5R. Again, before these spectacular images, the media again echoed the remained so they gave more prominence even if it fits the people.

Can you imagine how that person or group of people must have been who savagely decided to destroy poor Mr. Vauxhall of Mr. Peter Maddox? In part, thanks to them, Bibury have visited a greater number of visitors and they have had lots of photographs having as background a yellow car.

Such has been the repercussion that has had the history that the automobile company has decided to denominate the yellowish color Maddox Yellow in honor of the happened in this small locality of the English countryside. Does not that sound incredible?