Beauty Recipes for Skin with Cucumber

Beauty recipes for skin with cucumber

One of the secrets to maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin is to keep the connective tissue (or connective tissue) strong. Cucumber is rich in silica (or silicon), an essential mineral to keep connective tissue resistant. In addition, silicon inhibits the aging process in tissues.

As if that were not enough, the cucumber is largely water so it is excellent for moisturizing the skin naturally.

When using cucumber in natural skin creams, it is important to use organic cucumbers since a lot of the skin nutrients are in the cucumber shell and we do not want to use cucumbers that have the shell full of pesticides.

Beauty recipes with cucumber

I believe that the most popular use of cucumber in beauty routines is to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

But the truth is that the cucumber also serves to soothe sunburned skin, moisturize the skin, astringent and toning and to lighten the skin.

Rejuvenating cucumber masks

To make a rejuvenating cucumber mask we only need to put four slices of cucumber in a blender (with everything and peel so we will need organic cucumber) and two tablespoons of unflavored natural yogurt.

Put the mask on clean and dry skin and leave for 10 minutes. Natural beauty. Then rinse with fresh water. This mask is especially good for relieving swelling of the face caused by bad night or salt consumption. In addition, by the whitening properties of the cucumber and yogurt, also serves to give a uniform tone to the skin and to eliminate the tan.

Another prescription for a face mask to rejuvenate the skin

Grate a piece of organic cucumber with whole and peel. Add a little bit of jojoba oil and a little bit of white clay to form a paste.

It is placed throughout the face in circular movements and allowed to act for about 8 minutes. Wash with warm water and dry carefully.
Natural cucumber scrub

We can make an exfoliating cream with half a cup of oats and a half cup of cucumber juice. In this video I teach how to extract the juice from the cucumber.

The two ingredients are mixed until a paste is formed. It is applied over the body and face, rubbing with circular movements to exfoliate the skin. Allow to act for 5 minutes and wash with water.

Refreshing cucumber cream for the whole body


2 peeled, seeded cucumbers
1/2 cup warm chamomile tea
4 tablespoons of glycerin

Pour the cucumber into pieces in the blender. It is drained using a canvas so that we only have the cucumber juice. Chamomile tea and glycerin are added. It stirs well. This cream should be kept refrigerated as it has no preservatives. It can be used to refresh the skin on a hot day.

Tip: Cucumber, besides being refreshing and a good astringent for the skin, can be a very effective make-up remover.

Cucumber is also widely used in skin whitening recipes.

How to Prevent Polio

Infection from poliovirus is obviously preventable. Efforts that can be done as a precaution are as follows:

Getting polio immunization

In this case the children are important to get it, including the baby. Please note that there are 2 types of polio vaccine that can be obtained, ie sabin vaccine or active polio vaccine and vaccine salk or inactivated polio vaccine vaccine. But beware because polio can actually be caused by sabin vaccine in people with immune system disorders.

Maintaining sanitation

How to prevent the latter is to maintain sanitation, whether maintaining personal hygiene and the environment, both are very important and should not be ignored at all. Clean and good sanitation will keep us away from any viruses and bacteria that threaten our health.

Cooking water until cooked

When cooking water, make sure that the water you cook is completely boiling so that water that is contaminated by the virus can be turned off. High temperatures will be much better than cooking water with low temperatures because with low temperatures the virus is still alive. If the virus is still present in the water, consuming or exposure to water will cause polio.

Avoid coming to areas that are infected with polio

This is obvious because when you are in a state of reduced body power, you will be very easily exposed to polio virus when in places where polio outbreak is spreading.

Avoid low-protein diets

Why avoid a low-protein diet? Because malnutrition is one of the causes of polio disease, the obvious solution is to avoid low-protein diets. It also does not mean you should also exceed the protein content in the body because there is also danger of excess protein that needs to be avoided. Keep a healthy lifestyle by meeting balanced nutritional needs; Nothing is missing and also nothing more.

Not taking turns using personal tools with polio sufferers

The cause of polio is by sharing or alternating using the same device so that there is contact with contaminated equipment. So, try to avoid the polio virus in that way if at home there are suffering.

Avoiding stress

Excessive stress can make the immune system is reduced, then it’s good to always try to reduce stress. Do positive activities and always think positive to prevent stress coming in excess.

The Great Benefits of Melon Fruit For Body Health

Melon is one of the delicious fruits that has pale skin. This fruit has abundant water content in its flesh which is similar to watermelon fruit. Melon so fitting consumed during the day with the weather conditions are quite hot. Until it is useful to remove the thirst or the more familiar with the meaning of dehydration. Beyond that, melons also have a variety of benefits for your body’s health.

Regular consumption of various fruits possesses such a great benefit for the addition of body health. Fruits have a variety of nutrients and vitamins that include complete. Harga So Shin MCI  You do not need to think about buying such expensive fruits for a variety of benefits. This is because, a variety of fruits both cheap and expensive also have a variety of nutrients and vitamins needed by the body. This opportunity health guide will also discuss the various benefits that we can get from the melon fruit. Below are 7 great benefits of melon for your body’s health:

Provide Nutrition What Your Bones and Teeth Need. This is because, melon fruit is one of the fruit with a source of vitamin C is large enough. The following Vitamin C helps to protect and improve bone and teeth health.

Nutrition For Your Organs of Eyes (Eyes). This is because, melon fruit has a high vitamin A content. So, regular consumption of melon fruit will help sharpen your eye-witnessing power.

Help Improve Your Heart Health. Potassium content in melon can help lower blood pressure and can reduce the effects of various high-sodium foods that do not intend to consume which will also worsen the health of your heart’s organs.

Natural Cancer Cancer. Melon fruit including fruits that have high lycopene content. Lycopene in the following melons will also help prevent cancer that could endanger your life.

Nutrition That Fits To Your Skin. Melon fruit is rich in collagen content necessary for the health of your body skin. Collagen in melon fruit will also make skin always awake health and more smooth and always tight.

Helps Make Organisms Smooth. The content of water and fiber high enough in the melon fruit will also nourish the digestive organs and will also avoid from constipation or difficult bowel movements.

Preventing Stroke Efficiently. The contain of adenosin in melon fruit can help handle and even also stop the clumping on blood cells called the initial cause of the stroke sign.

The Unique Benefit Of Mango For Your Health

Mango fruit is a fruit that has a sweet and sour taste in the flesh. Most of the color of this fruit is dark green when raw or cooking time. In the time of the season once again, surely you are not difficult to obtain this one fruit. This fruit is so delicious when raw and feel sweet when cooking or cooking. But exceptionally tasty-taste, mango fruit also has a variety of great benefits to improve your body’s health.

Mango is one of the many fruit benefits in a row of fruits that have been known by most people. Green Tea MCI Therefore, mango should be a food that needs to be consumed to meet your daily nutritional needs. Mangoes contain vitamin C, A, B6, fiber, copper, potassium and magnesium. So, it is not surprising that this fruit acts necessary in the fulfillment of nutrients for most people’s bodies. This opportunity health guide will also discuss the various benefits of mango for body health. Below are unique benefits of mango for your body’s health:

Antidote Various Type of Cancer. Cancer is one of the biggest killer diseases for humankind. Consumption of mango fruit can help the body prevent various types of cancer such as colon cancer, breast and prostate. This is because the mango contains the necessary compounds of quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallate.

Lower the Content of Bad Cholesterol. Allowing bad cholesterol content in the body is always increasing definitely risky for the body. The solution is to provide the mango fruit in your food menu list. High enough fiber content, pectin and vitamin C in mango so efficient to lower the bad cholesterol content in your body.

Gives your Eye Organ Nutrition. Having a better-added and super-bright outlook is what most people dream about including you. The abundant vitamin A content in mango is so good for your senses of sight.

Makes your digestive organ shielded. Mango is one fruit rich in natural fiber. The following natural fibers can protect and nourish one’s digestive organs.

Your Immune System Enhancer. Seasonal changes and erratic weather cause the body to be easily attacked by various diseases. The content of vitamins C, A and 25 types of carotenoids make mangoes so efficient to enhance a body’s immune system.

Prime Nutrition For Your Skin. This is because with the consumption of this fruit, so a variety of dirt that clog the skin pores will also disappear and help get rid of skin problems such as acne.

Weight Loss Natural Body. By starting the consumption of mango rich in vitamins and nutrients will also make the body feel full longer. Until lower your excessive appetite.

Benefits of black ear fungus

Gambar terkait

Black Ear Mushrooms (auricularia auricular) is thought to be very beneficial for the healing of heart disease, blood vessels with sediment (aterosklerqsis), cholesterol-lowering and triglycerides, antiplatelet, and anti-blood coagulation, as well as anti-bleeding.

If a person wants to consume black ear mushrooms every day, blood flow will become smooth, avoid stroke, heart or brain due to blockage in the blood vessels. Lately many people have a stroke, caused by the occurrence of paralysis or heart attack. This disease does not distinguish the rich, poor, elderly or middle-aged.

Black ear mushrooms as food is no stranger to our society, which we know in the menu like timlo solo, oseng-oseng soon. Chinese society has long known black ear fungus as a food ingredient or as a medicine.

In China, ear mushrooms, used as blood thinning or anticogulation drugs that prevent blood coagulation, but on the other hand can also function as an antihaemorhagi (mengehentian bleeding) -smith, Rowan, Sulivan 2002.

Unlike single chemical drugs, which work according to the nature of the treatment alone, while natural medicines from plants, containing more than one nutritious substance can balance each other.

If one of the substances works too hard will be braked by other substances, such as ear fungus, although he works as anticoagulant in the sense of blood does not easily thickened, and possibly if not balanced with anti-bleeding properties, then if injuries occur, the blood stops.

Since acetosal may be efficacious as an antiplatelet, it is often found, in the prescription of patients with cardiovascular disorders, in addition to the drug for the disease is also written by doctors asidurn acetylosalisilikurn or asetosal, aspirin.


Acetosal has long been used as a pain medication, or a fever remedy that is commonly present in cold medicine. As a headache drug used a dose of 500 mg for adults. Acetosal with a dose of 80 mg before known as blood antipletelet is used as a fever medicine for children.

At present flu drug compositions are no longer asset treated but given paracetamol, the replacement of acetosal with paracetamol because acetosal can cause stomach pain as well as setosal including less stable drugs.

Although administration of acetosal with small doses of 80-100-160 mg, may cause gastrointestinal disturbances in the form of diarrhea or gastric pain, in elderly patients suffered many gastrointestinal disturbances, on the one hand it takes the assetosal so that the blood does not thicken on the other side can cause things that do not Desired.

Black ear fungus that can be used as anticoagulansia, cholesterol-lowering and triglyceride was empirically can help people experiencing ateroskelorosis, so after feeling the free pain continue to consume every day by giving mushrooms on vegetables.

There are heart patients who are recommended for bypass surgery with exhausted energy and a sense of tightness, after 24 days of drinking water mushroom stew, his strength began to recover and slowly around the yogyakarta square one round, so the surgery plan can be postponed, but the drug Doctors were still drunk.
How to Boil:

10 grams of black ear mushrooms in yagi ginger 3 slices and garlic 3 grains if you can add clean meat 40 grams of fat and a little salt boiled with water 6 bowl into 2 bowls drunk day, morning and afternoon. This herb can clean 3 blocks in 45 days this case experienced by Prof.Hung Zhao Guang patient.

Is Safe Herbal Medicines for Children ?

Prescription of traditional drug is mostly based on know-how, which is then dispensed from generation to generation. Thus, unlike factory-made narcotics, the dosage and life-order have been investigated through clinical ordeals .

herbal for kids

According to research scientists, although natural, there are still acts that need to be considered when throwing home panaceas or herbs to brats . HPAI

Because they do not have the dosage and clearly defined give guidelines as well as plant drug, natural panaceas should be used just as our predecessors exerted them. For example, if a recipe mentions using a red onion one, give one clove. Do not overdo it .

Or, rely on a mother’s intuition for that are important! For example, in a child, you only use one clove of red onion to be slandered into his mas. As for older infants, lend them to two cloves .

So even for narcotics made. For herbs that use turmeric or ginger, for example, only use 1/2 or 1 knuckle. In addition to being able to dosages and rules of use, traditional dose safe factors likewise depend on how you manage them .

Pay attention to hygiene when mingling traditional drug. Flowers or tubers to be used should be soaked first with clean-living irrigate until clean-living. So likewise with the gear to be used, such as a pan to boil, or filter cloth .

This is to avoid any dirt that they are able contaminate the narcotics determined. So, it is okay to help herbal drug to analyse infancy infections, provided you use them wisely .

Then, what if traditional or herbal drug is destroyed simultaneously with prescription drugs? Is it safe for your child? The explanation, according to state professionals, is dependent on the contents or compounds in the weed .

The use of traditional drug are certainly are consistent with those with prescribed remedy. Medical doctors does all you need to do is talk to your pediatrician when you decide to give traditional drug together with your doctor’s medicine .

If the traditional drug is not contraindicated with prescription drugs, then medical doctors will enable it. Not simply that, doctors will likewise adjust the schedule between traditional drug with prescription drugs .

Gynecology And Benefits Coconut

Who is not familiar with coconuts, certainly all know this fruit. There are so many benefits of coconuts . Not only her fruit is beneficial but water, leaves, and stems was also beneficial for human life.

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat buah kelapa

Ingredients and Benefits of Coconut

Before we discuss the benefits of coconuts, we must know the nutrients that exist in the coconut fruit, namely:

  1. Vitamin C, minerals iron, folic acid, Potassium / Potassium and Phosphorus
  2. Protein, Fat and Sugar

The Benefits Of Coconuts A Lot For Your Health Include:

  1. The benefits of coconut fruit can also treat toothache
  2. Eliminate dandruff in the hair
  3. Treat heartburn
  4. Neutralize toxins in the body
  5. Treating pain during menstruation
  6. Treating fever / hot
  7. preventing influenza

Coconut fruit is also beneficial to blacken and nourish hair

Besides the fruit that has many benefits, coconut water also did not lose a lot of benefits for the body and also the beauty of womanhood. The benefits of coconut water for the body include:

  1. Coconut water is helpful to improve the microbial growth
  2. Coconut water is helpful to keep in shape you are experiencing fatigue after work
  3. Coconut water is able to dilute phlegm in the throat
  4. Coconut water as deworming medicine
  5. Coconut water can also facilitate the digestive tract and prevent constipation
  6. Coconut water is able to overcome the content of urinary tract
  7. Coconut water is able to soften the crust in the kidneys that cause the appearance of kidney disease
  8. Coconut water is able to relieve nausea and vomiting vomiting
  9. Coconut water is working to stabilize the body’s metabolism and digestion
  10. Coconut water contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virus
  11. Coconut water is also able to cope with dengue fever if consumed on a regular basis
  12. Coconut water is able to smooth urination

Well, in addition to the benefits for the body as I described above coconut water is also beneficial for beauty for women, including:

  1. Useful as a facial mask to tighten the skin on the face and remove stains / black spots on the face
  2. Able to create thicker hair, protect hair from lice attack, and a dry scalp
  3. As bleach facial and able to moisturize the skin on the face
  4. As a refreshing skin toner

In addition to the coconut water is beneficial for beauty, green coconut water is also good for women who are pregnant. Green coconut water is very nice in consumption during pregnancy tread 6 months to childbirth, because green coconut water is able to make the uterus to be clean and the waters become clear. However, pregnant women are advised not to drink coconut water for coconut water is acidic.

The way to Increase Healthy Body Bodyweight And Gain Muscle Bulk At Home?

Mega Bulk and D-Whey capsules are the best herbal supplements to increase healthy body weight and gain muscle size naturally.

Normal body mass performs a great role in reducing health issues. The way to increase healthy body weight naturally? This is a common query heard from slim people. Here we are going to see some among the effective ways to gain muscle mass at home. Treatments for increasing bodyweight are generally suggested in line with the actual cause of problem from agen resmi fiforlif.

At times, excessive physical activity can lead way to low body weight problems. This disorder can be easily reduced by reducing excessive stress from exercises. For maximum health advantage, feel free to do exercise routines for at least thirty minutes per day. Walking, going swimming and running are some among the effective exercises recommended to enhance the versatility of joints and muscles.

Nowadays, there are many health practitioners available on the web to help you in preparing an everyday diet. So never think twice to follow a nourishing diet with the aid of nutritionists. A weak digestive system can give rise to numerous health issues like low body mass troubles. Today, you can certainly alleviate this difficulty by making use of medicines from concerned department.

At times, uncontrolled tisis usually leads way to troubles like underweight. Hence make sure that about to catch suffering from health issues like tuberculosis. Studies say that chronic cancer conditions can also lead way to troubles like low body weight problems. Only method to reduce this difficulty is to do treatment for cancer. At times, high diabetes can also lead way to problems like underweight.

Following a nutritious diet schedule with regular exercise is the safe solution recommended in this condition. At times, hyperthyroidism can also give rise to troubles like low body weight problems. Hence feel free to check that there is no hyperthyroidism for the concerned person. Hormonal imbalance is a main reason behind body weight management. Any imbalance in hormones can give rise to both underweight and excessive bodyweight troubles. So it is essential to look into the weight as per the need.

Benefits of dates for your health

Palm tree became part of ancient Egyptian society, in the ancient Egyptian population utilizing palm trunk as the foundation of palm leaves as roof and floor mats, while the palm fruit as food that has a lot of vitamins.

Dates are believed to have originated around the Persian Gulf and is cultivated around 400 BC. Not only in the area of ​​Arab palm has spread and cultivated in the Americas and Europe, drawing increasingly barren land used to plant palm trees more fertile and more sweet

Dates are foods that can be stored very long, very long time even if stored with these fruits can survive without reducing the nutritional content in it so that the Arab nation prepares date in its passage.

Images of palm tree

Nutrition palm fruit

Palm fruit contain a lot of sugars as well as 6 other important food substances such as fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals and water. In 7 grain palm fruit is equivalent to 100 grams of sugar 75gr mengan, glukoasa, frugkrosa, sucrose, cellulose.

Dates also contain cellulose 22.5 water 4gr 2.5gr of protein, 2.5 grams fat, 79 grams of the mineral potassium, phosphate-containing 21miligram, sulfur 65 milligrams of iron 5 milligrams, 65 milligrams of magnesium, calcium 65 milligrams, 72 milligrams phosphorus, and contains seven essential amino acids namely lysine, valine, leosin, arginine, teorinin, isalosin and tritopan, vitamin A 65miligram B1 B2 milligram 0:08 0:05 CO 2 to 2.6miligram, as well as the antioxidant glutathione acid 100 grams of dates contain 350 calories. Dates also contain vitamin K and manganese calcium Bkompleks. With the content of this palm is the perfect fruit for almost meet all nutritional needs.

Efficacy of dates

  1. The benefits of dates as an antidote to poison. By consuming 7 grains dates every day to fight the toxins because dates contain vitokimia and has antioxidants.
  2. Benefits of dates for the energy source. Kandunagn palm fruit has the energy to the body so that the fruit is often used as a food fasting.
  3. The benefits of palm fruit to prevent colon cancer. Dates are rich in fiber can help the intestinal mucous membrane and binds chemicals that prevent colon cancer.
  4. Dates can smooth bowel movement.
  5. Tannin content in the palm which is anti-inflammatory and anti-infective anti hermaracik.
  6. The content of vitamin A in the palm fruit has the benefit eye health, skin health and melinduungi of lung cancer and oral cancer.
  7. Dates are a good source of iron, iron is a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells that determine blood oxygen carrying capacity.
  8. Potassium contained in dates can help control heart rate and blood pressure so as to provide protection against coronary heart disease and stroek.
  9. Potassium contained in dates is very good for heart health, the content of iron and B complex micro-nutrients to form red blood cells to prevent anemia.
  10. Zinc increases testosterone to improve the fitness of men.

The benefits of dates for pregnant women

  1. Dates contain iron to prevent anemia so that fruit is good for pregnant women.
  2. Dates contain hormone oxytocin which is useful to induce labor and breastfeeding.
  3. Ingredients Glucose and Fructosa and carbohydrates contained in the palm fruit will add strength in labor.
  4. Contains potassium place to maintain cardiac muscle contraction.
  5. Contains fiber which is great for expediting the process of disposal.
  6. Dates contain potassium which is good nutrition for teeth and bone growth in the fetus.

The value of the nutrient content of dates is very complex, and fluktosa gloukosa content that will provide energy to the body. In addition to sugars dates contain water, protein, fiber and very little saturated fatty acids, selin that dates contain vitamin biased in said complex, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C and various minerals and organic acids so shockingly saying if you remove the menu of dates in your diet.

Can Meditation help maintain your mind young?

Can Meditation help maintain your mind young? As people age, their brain’s lose weight and magnitude. These changes may start to occur in people as early as their mid to late 20 s. Previous study has shown people who ruminate to lose less mentality mass over day than the individuals who do not. In special, study gathered people who mulled proved lower levels of a drop in their lily-white mentality material .

White brain matter acts as a connector and insulator for grey-haired mentality material. It carries nerve impulses between the functions of the parts of the mentality. Gray brain matter houses the various neurological centers of the mentality, which direct speech, machine abilities, recognition, etc .

Meditation is something practiced by more than 15 million Americans and many more people in the world. It has its beginnings in eastern culture, but has been whole-heartedly embraced in western civilizations .
Can Meditation help maintain your mind young?
It has a wide variety of benefits, including :

* Improves sleep

* Inner peace and tranquility

* Reduces chronic pain

* Reduces stress and tension

* Reduces dip

* Boosts notice

* Improves immunity

* Helps with weight loss

* Boosts recognition

* Improves center state and lowers blood pressure

* Improves wellbeing and allows for deeper liaisons

Now it seems that musing may also help to keep our intelligences young .

Interesting Ventures

A team of researchers from UCLA wondered if musing saves the gray matter of those individuals who ruminate as well. minyak bulus asli The researchers located meditation to have a widespread upshot on the entire mentality not just specific regions of the mentality associated with musing .

The study equated people having years of musing know with those who had none. The meditators had an average of 20 years of know with musing practise. The age compas of the of the study participants included people in their mid -20 s to their late 70 s .

Nearly equal numbers of men and women participated in the study with 28 men and 22 females .

They located the meditators still knew a decline in gray matter with age but less than non-meditators .

The researchers mentioned the positive outcome of the study but careful people recalling research results; they were unable to establish a direct link to musing and the conservation of gray matter .

Another UCLA study conducted in 2012, showed meditators to have more gyrification, bends in their intelligences, which may contribute to an ability process info faster than normal .

Meditation appears to allow practitioners to retain both lily-white and gray matter and shape increased alliances in the mentality; it seems to keep the mentality young .

Along with its positive effects on lily-white and grey-haired mentality material, musing appears to have a positive effect on other body offices .