Tips How To Eliminate Wall Fungus

The moldy or mossy walls can be a disgrace to the dwelling and its inhabitants. The color is not tasty to see, smells sting, its roots cause damage to the wall, not to mention the risk of allergy when spora inhaled. Handle this problem with some of the previous cleaning products is very disturbing residences and family members. Except to get rid of mold and mildew, the most necessary thing afterwards is to dodge them out once more.

Why do mushrooms and moss grow on the walls?

Mushrooms grow from spores that spread through the air. Mushrooms are generally grown in a humid, warm environment, and do not have a good air flow. Therefore, the bathroom is overgrown with mold fungus. The development of fungi on walls is often triggered by damp conditions and lack of ventilation, but can also be caused by seepage of water-whether groundwater, rainwater, or leaking pipes. AC which is not installed properly also has the potential to cause the fungus because of its water droplets.

Moss is not always look fresh green as is often found outside the residence. On the wall, the moss can be dark gray or even black. Moss quickly spread to the wider space if not done immediately. To find the moss on your wall, rub the cloth covered with carbol in the dark section. When the dark color disappears after a few minutes, so the dark color is moss. If not, the spots may be just dirt.

Step get rid of mushroom wall

The benefits of avoiding some unwanted things, use rubber gloves, long sleeves, and a mask of the mouth and nose. Open the window as long as this job is working.

Create a solution of a combination of carbol and water-usually with 1 carbol sized and 3 sides of water. If carbol does not exist, you can use detergent that has the ingredients of active ingredients.

Spray or spray the solution in a moldy room.

Scrub a moldy side using a slightly stiff bristled brush or a slightly rough fiber cloth.

Wash with the finish and then dry.

If some of the steps fail, use some specially designed products to eradicate mold and mildew on the wall. Some of these products contain some harder substances, so do not mix one product with a different product because it can cause a risky reaction.

Guidance to avoid mold and mildew

After you overcome the moldy and mossy walls, surely you do not want this wall disease back out. Below steps to prevent it:

Buy some special products to block the development of mold and moss walls. Antimicrobial sprays avoid fungal spores perched on the walls. Think of changing your wall paint with waterproof paint and mushrooms that have a double advantage. First, the basic waterproof material allows it to be washed or wiped with a damp cloth. The 2nd, because the water that seeps into the wall so minimum, the wall is also always dry until the lazy mushrooms grow. This also applies to anti-moss wall paint.

Use a dehumidifier tool to reduce air humidity in a space so risky to mold and moss walls. This tool can be a long-term preventive measure.

Fix the gutter of the waterline from the tile. Make sure the gutters do not leak, replace or repair when damaged, and clean the dirt so that not clog water, including the pipes that deliver water from the gutters to the ground.

Maintain the bathroom, kitchen, and several different damp locations have a smooth flow of air and always dry.

Dry towels and bathroom curtains.

Handle leaks in the water pipe as soon as possible, especially when the pipe is near or planted inside the wall.