The Reason of Convenience Why You Should Car Rental

Until now, especially in Indonesia, only a few people know that cabin / ac filters are in their cars and even fewer realize the importance of the presence of these filters.

One feature of the car that gives driving comfort is air conditioning on the car cabin. In order for comfort to continue to be felt maximally while driving, you can perform routine maintenance. This treatment can be a routine check of cabin filter conditions that filter air into the car.

How to Maximize Car Driving Convenience
Awareness of car owners to check the condition of the filter is still very minimal. Though it can be done easily, it does not necessarily have to go to a special workshop, simply unpack the luggage space on the dasboard, because generally there is a cabin filter placed there.

The purpose of checking on the cabin filter is to clean it from the accumulated dirt. In-cabin filters there is usually dirt. If the cab filter is too dirty, cooling the air conditioner will work less than the maximum.

How to maintain the air quality of the air conditioner in the cabin is largely determined by the condition of the filter Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah. When the filter cabin that is used for filtering incoming dirt is dirty, automatically can not work with the maximum, eventually making the dirty dirt also pushed in.

The location of this cabin air filter is usually inside the front drawer located at the bottom of the dashboard.

When the cabin filter is dirty, the cooling becomes less, the wind circulation becomes less. Therefore car owners must check the cabin filter, to get a good AC performance.

It is a good idea to check the condition of cabin filters every 10,000 kilometers (km). However How often do cabin air filters change depending on how often you use the car and where. Whether or not the filter cabin depends on its usage. If the use of the car easily dirty, then the cabin filter becomes dirty quickly.

For the filter itself, there are materials that can be washed, some can not wash. If the filter is black from the color side is also good baseball, it’s a sign that the filter needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the filter inhibits airflow.

Checking the cabin filter is quite easy for some cars, just by opening the glove box or drawer on the dashboard of the car, then remove the filter cabin cover there filter can directly check or clean (cabin filter).

Some problems can arise if the cabin filter is not routinely cleaned or not replaced. One of them is dirty air can enter, bacteria will be there and circulate in the cabin. So the health of cabin residents can be beresiko.Oleh therefore diligent – diligent check and clean your cabin filter.

If you are driving in high-pollution urban areas, you can change the cabin air filters once a year or more often from that schedule. Check the air filter in your car cabin. Immediately replace with a new one if the car is more than a year old

Who I Am Is Love




Thirty years ago I composed my objective declaration for my life. It read: “I am here to feel linked to like and to help others feel their connection to global love also.” This is a worthy statement and it has actually served me well. Just recently, as I have actually expanded mentally, I have revised my mission declaration to match my broadened soul’s expression. Right here is just how it reads now: “My mission in life is to bear in mind that who I am is love as well as to assist others to remember that they are love as well.”


I have developed from the idea that “I am linked to enjoy,” for that suggests that love is outside of me somewhere, undetectable as well as hidden and I must consume it in for nourishment. I should seek it as well as declare it to really feel full. If this is the case, I need to maintain resupplying myself with this outdoors resource to stay linked to like. I automatically look for means to load this believed shortage in myself based on the false belief that “who I am is not love.” This outside mission for love is laborious. It may consist of attending many workshops, going to counseling, searching dating sites or doing good acts in the direction of others to gain their favorable regard. While these are useful endeavors, they are encouraged by the property that “I am inadequate.” One more means I can sustain this illusion of lack is by being in meditation for hrs each time in the hopes that bliss or feelings of best tranquility or bliss will in some way come down from the heavens and also change me. I might sit for hrs in meditation aiming to connect to the global resource of love outside of me, instead of remembering that “that I am is love,” regardless of needing to do anything. I am not separate from the resource of love! Individuals can seek endless different outside methods to get attached to a sensation of love. The outcome is normally an empty discontentment.


There is a magnificent excellence in deep space and that source is within all of us, as well as it is love. Assuming that who I am is not enough, or that I am not very sufficient, smart enough, rich enough or effective sufficient continuouslies feed the delusion that I am different from the resource of goodness and love. The escape of this fantasy is to recognize as well as embody that “that I am is love.”


So exactly how do I shift my understanding to this new paradigm that claims, “I am love” rather than “I am attached to like?” One method that I utilize is to remind myself of an easy expression I continue reading a welcoming card, “All there is, is love, and my resistance to it.” If I apply this principle to my life, I see that my mind wants to evaluate, separate as well as separate every little thing and everyone. The truth is, that if who I am is love, after that you are is love also. When I seek the similarities instead of the differences in people, countries, religions, as well as political beliefs, I totally free myself to accept and also appreciate the myriad methods the spirit of the universe reveals itself as love. I do not need to alter you or your beliefs to really feel OK. We are love as well as we are one in this sea of life. We are linked at the deepest level of our beings. Maybe this sensation of connection and belonging is what each of us deeply looks for from life.


Does knowing that we are love indicate that we simply rest on the sidelines of life and also merely emit love without contributing our time and skills to exactly what is taking place in this globe? No! Not! When we respond to life from a location of completeness as opposed to emptiness, we have the ability to transcend minor differences as well as disagreements around us as well as make a payment of love as well as want to others, rather. Nowadays, I don’t feel endangered by distinctions in others because I bear in mind that the reality of our being is the same. It is love. From this area of volume, we could carry out adjustment on the planet by welcoming others to join us in remembering their innermost magnificent nature, as well as reconnect to their integrity as well as function. This is the work that I do as an exercising psychic. When people remember their interconnectedness, an all-natural caring for each other arises. This change in understanding changes the choices we make regarding exactly how we treat ourselves, as well as how we contribute our love right into the globe.


One of the byproducts of remembering that we are not different from each various other is concern. With empathy comes understanding and with understanding comes the capability and also the readiness to reach out and help individuals who are mentally enduring. These are individuals that have actually neglected that they, additionally, are love. Below is an instance from my own life. There is an older retired guy who resides in my apartment building that lives alone as well as is rather reclusive. Allow’s call him Jake. He lives downstairs in the middle of the building right in between both stairwells. I never really discovered him until some notes started obtaining taped to all the residents’ doors. These notes were warnings from the monitoring firm to not use any kind of water outdoors and to not feed the feral pet cat. Upon investigation, I discovered that Jake enjoys every little thing that takes place in the building. He reports fellow residents to the management firm whenever he really feels someone has damaged a policy. Just recently, one woman obtained a penalty of $50 for watering a small veggie yard out front as well as one more citizen was offered a composed warning for feeding a feral pet cat that adopted her.


My very first response was “Exactly what the heck! Why does he care if veggies get sprinkled or a pet cat gets fed?” And after that “Why does his viewpoint matter a lot when all the other homeowners like the garden and also the pet cat?” Notice how promptly I entered into a setting of “Us vs. Him.” Then a tiny voice from deep within me stated, “Stop it! The fact is, this guy is lonesome and also frightened and has actually failed to remember that he is love.” I rerouted my ideas as well as chose to send petitions of tranquility to his heart rather than intending to knock on his door and also say, “You indicate old male, mind your own service!” One more alternative for me was to simply provide him “stink eye” when we cross paths in the parking lot, while judging him and also sending bad feelings his way. The Training course in Miracles states that, “Every caring thought is true. Everything else is a charm for recovery and also aid, no matter the kind it takes.”


The ancient fight for selection ends when I keep in mind that other individuals’s suffering is my suffering. I am part of the mankind and also I belong below. There is nobody to dominate, regulate or adjust because who we all are at essence is the same. Instead of resting by idly or acting rashly to transform the globe, I have actually discovered how to be still as well as pay attention to my heart as well as to my innermost nature, which is love. I ask, “just what would enjoy perform in this situation or circumstance?” I relax and await some ideas. Then an originality enters your mind as well as my path is clear. Probably a brand-new objective statement for our earth in these awakening times might be this: “These are the red-letter day that we are all here as love and to deal with each various other appropriately.”

Branded Product – Helping Your Company Abandon a Lasting Impact

Branded Product – Helping Your Company Abandon a Lasting Impact. Whenever there is a company thinking about discovering various ways to ensure that it’ll keep its customers, there are certainly a quantity of methods could be investigated to satisfy the target. There’s the proven method of marketing in addition to supporting charity activities and sporting contests or neighborhood survival actions to help endear the organization towards the minds of its customers.

Supporting actions that are such can give businesses a “individual encounter,” showing towards the neighborhood the organization isn’t busy just with bringing in earnings but additionally has got the center to assist the city aswell. These activities all could be called respectable, souvenir powerbank however in the passage of time extensions of goodwill could be quickly overlooked. One method to ensure that the title of the company’s may permanently be etched within everyone’s thoughts would be to give away their clients free branded product.

Branded Product - Helping Your Company Abandon a Lasting Impact

The Timeliness of Branded Product

Unlike other popular marketing means product is really cheap plus they might help produce an impact that is even more enduring. You are able to encapsulate the thoughts of the effective marketing, of the accomplishment of the job landmark, of the landmark efficiency of the organization, of record breaking revenue, and several different essential occasions that illustrates the accomplishments of both company itself and of the individuals involved.

Creating Branded Product in Promotional Activities

Product that is branded addresses an entire wide selection of items from components and apparel range, to a lot of different equipments, to college materials, and also to sporting equipments. The checklist so may be the potential of with them in strategies and is virtually endless. It’s no wonder that merchandises rates whilst the promotional device that is most plainly employed. The label on the work-wear a printing on the top, the publishing on the cup, the title about the pencil, and also the publishing on lanyards employed for IDs, many of these are simply of branded product can be used in tricks individuals.

It’s very important to place a the caliber of the item utilized since any subpar performance will probably be deduced like a low quality about the area of the organization or item being marketed when utilizing branded product in promotional stop. About the hand, the printing about the product and also the look also may play a role particularly when it involves issues to be visually attractive.

Forex Trading Education Helps Traders in Achieving Success

Forex Trading Education Helps Traders in Achieving Success Somebody that wants to become powerful in forex trading should learn and know the basics. There are lots of dealers who lost a large deal of profit forex currency trading. It’s as they’re not correctly educated about currency trading and its procedures. Thus, to survive in the forex trading markets, it’s imperative that future traders should own a currency trading instruction.

Forex trading can be the optimal/optimally approach to generate massive amounts of cash. However, those traders that seriously studied the forex market conditions can be able to attain achievement. Proper instruction allows them to understand various market plans. Try to remember, currency trading markets would be the most significant market in the world where instantaneous exchange happens. It’s always a struggle even to knowledgeable forex traders as well as investors. Therefore, it is almost always a plus aspect to dealers if they thoroughly assessed every single angles and possibilities ahead of performing this trade.

Forex Trading Education Helps Traders in Achieving Success

If you’re going to read forums and reviews, you will find out that prosperous traders are people having proper knowledge about forex markets. They have decided to educate themselves on the thorough advice crucial on trading currency. Thus, every trade that they played is considered a chance to discover new methods.

Many people might think that they do not absolutely require education when trading forex. They believe that should they out smarted the currency industry, they’d be in a position to find out its own conditions to live. This really is a good approach but ask yourself if you can keep it.

It could be very valuable for forex dealers to experience forex trading education by professional merchants. There are lots of important forex trading facets which happen to be tackled to attain currency trading success.

Inch. Forex Currency trading system is more entirely talked about. The dealers know that the three essential components of the forex trading system which can be profitable. It includes currency management, risk control, and proper implementation around the entrance and depart current market details. In the event the currency trading system is well recognized, then it can preserve lure springs caused by industry changes while keeping the reliable returns of income. This could be the trick equation needs to be mastered by every forex dealers. Within this circumstance, the dealers will follow the system where it is providing them with greater chances of creating larger quantities of money.

Money management is regarded as probably the most vital factor in figuring out your success as a forex dealer. In the event that you are able to prevent financial hazards then it may improve your odds of becoming prosperous. The buying and selling accounts should be adequately funded by the amount of money that you are able to manage and limiting yourself from coming into a transaction which could wipe out your entire resources. Always bear in mind that it’s a lot better to get started trading on small amounts and employing stop loss orders so that your very first forex trades won’t be the last.

2. The amount of current market are also studied. It does not necessarily imply buying currencies at lesser prices permit the traders to sell it higher price ranges. Discipline has been taught for dealers. Price behaviors are also heard consistently since it might change suddenly. No matter how the dealers have been educated just how to address this specific circumstance.

3. They also know how to mentally detach themselves if trading currency. Bear in your mind that emotions should not rule within your brain. Thus, currency trading instruction could direct you as go through the suitable path. The psychology of trading have been incorporated therefore that the merchants must always act rationally so that the results of the transaction will not be changed or changed. Instead, they always have the ability to get a fantastic decision if entering or departing a transaction.

4. Forex currency trading instruction educates forex trading methods to dealers. They could acquire proper mind sets on trading forex and also learn how to acquire optimistic returns on the invested money. Some traders concentrate on how they’re planning to to earn money as opposed to having their own returns. Thus, educating yourself about establishing your riches via continual returns is beneficial. It’s an advantage in the event that you’re correctly knowledgeable about the currency trading environment before plunging right into forex currency enterprise.

Make your mastering a enjoyable experience. Do not perceive forex education because of a boring or a tedious task. You need to relish your education and think that it is that your very first rung on the ladder to subject your investing habits, sensibly handle your currency, and reach currency trading accomplishment.

Choosing Material Making Slime

Be wary of “crazy slime”, the substance that is the rage in school
It’s homemade and also known as ‘Slime’. Corrosive and harmful to health

Children love to play with artificial slime. Artificial slime is a disgusting, dirty, sticky, gummy and fragrant mixture that adults call “disgusting” as they try to clean it up. Kids always love to play with artificial slime! Making artificial slime is a great idea for a rainy day when a child is bored and also for a small child to play. Continue reading the instructions on how to make sticky-made slime from cornstarch or slime-made slime from borax.

Fat slime, also called “blandiblu” or “slime gorilla”, slime is the elastic feathery mass among the smallest, which can be done at home but depending on how its use is used some elements can have serious health consequences. What precautions do you have in mind?

This is an elastic dough that can be made at home and colored sufficiently. What is interesting is the sponge touch, which allows it to be tightened and stretched. The younger ones like it and the older ones love it too. This can be a good size to download stress.

The problem is that depending on the use of certain elements to put together, it could have serious consequences for health. According to Infobae published, clothing originated in the United States, where a boy channel popularized it and even sold it in toy stores. The recipe consists of laundry soap, glue paste and shaving foam.

Of course there are variants, one of which includes borax (sodium borate), which is very abrasive – usually found in insecticides – and can cause allergic reactions in the skin. In addition, if swallowed, can cause kidney or liver damage, even in low proportions. Therefore, it is advisable when making slime is by using non-toxic elements.

Rebekha D’Stephano, a mother from Manchester, recently shared a photo of her burned-out hand on social networking and wrote on Facebook to warn other parents about the dangerous trend: “I went and bought DeeJay (her daughter) all the ingredients and I let him do it. Three weeks later we find out about plastic surgery in his hands with burns in the hospital. ”

Borax is a product used for the composition of soaps, detergents, disinfectants and pesticides. This is definitely not a material for children who put their hands to their mouths, take food or touch their skin. Another variant is to do it with detergent. But unlike games purchased with quality certification from official and hypoallergenic agencies, cleaning products should not be used by children to play.

Make Slime with Toothpaste and Shampoo

How to make slime with only shampoo and toothpaste

Slime is very fun to play. There are many ways to make slime, but sometimes you want to do it and you do not have the necessary ingredients. With this article, you are more likely to have the ingredients as they are the ingredients for everyday use. So, if you have shampoo and toothpaste, you can use the herb to make slime. Keep reading to find out how!


1. Pour the shampoo into the bowl. Add toothpaste. Make sure there are shampoos and toothpaste in the same amount, but do not spend too much bowl!

Make sure you have the right shampoo. When you make slime with shampoo and toothpaste, you need to make sure you have the right shampoo. No matter what kind, as long as thick and not too fluid. Do not worry about toothpaste, every brand works.

2. Mix the ingredients well. With a spoon or toothpick, start mixing the shampoo with toothpaste. Make sure the shampoo and toothpaste are well blended. How to make slime. The time taken to mix will vary depending on the brand you use and how quickly you mix it. Be careful not to mix it too quickly, you do not want to spill material all over the place.

This may seem obvious, but be sure to wash the spoon well after this. Putting this mixture in your mouth will not know anything good.

3. Put a mixture of shampoo and toothpaste in the freezer for 10 minutes or more depending on the type of shampoo you use. Remember to check that it does not freeze too much (unlike ice). You want the company to be firm, but not solid.

4. Remove the mixture from the freezer. After ten minutes, remove the mixture from the freezer and stir again. If it’s still moist and sticky, you can add more toothpaste or put it back in the freezer. You can also add cornstarch or flour if you have, do not add too much.

If you want to color it, add a few drops of food coloring and return it to the freezer for about 2 minutes.
If you want to add glitter, mix glitter in a mixture of pasta and shampoo and put in the freezer for 2 minutes.

5. You’re done! Store your slime into a jar or other container with a lid. Be sure to play with it every day or it will be difficult.

Things you’ll need

thick shampoo
Small bowl
a refrigerator
corn flour or flour (optional)

airtight containers, such as peanut butter jars;
bowl to mix the material (preferably a disposable bowl);
2 cups of water;
1 small white rubber bottle that can not be washed;
food coloring;
paper towels

Make Slime Tips Easily

Make Slime Tips Easily

1. Check the borax mixture. Be sure to mix water and borax thoroughly. Once done, pour a quarter of the borax mixture into the glue mixture. [8]

If this does not happen, shake the bowl until the borax is well mixed.

2. Mix the ingredients well. You can mix it with objects, like a spoon, or with your hands. When you mix the ingredients, artificial mucus will soon form. Combine the ingredients completely and have fun.

When the artificial mucus starts tearing pieces of your hand, add more water from the second cup of water.
Continue adding water to the desired consistency.
If the mixture has a lot of water, just take a little. [9]

3. Play with artificial mucus. Artificial slime is ready. Enjoy it. Be sure to store it in an airtight container when not in use. Otherwise, it will dry out and you will not be able to play with it. [10]

Do not leave it in any fabric, like on a couch or carpet, because it can taint him.
If you keep it in a plastic bag and tight, it will last forever.
If it dries slightly, just add a little water.
If it’s sticky, add a little more borax.
When your artificial mucus feels like dust, it’s time to throw it in the trash. How to make slime.  Create a new one and start from scratch.


Anything added to the dough (like a small dinosaur toy) can be easily washed with soap and water.
If you do not have cornstarch, you can always use Johnson & Johnson® baby powder.
Very fun playing with Oobleck! Use for birthday parties. The kids loved it!
It’s fun trying to shape the ball with the dough. If you try, it becomes solid, and when you stop moving it just melts back into your hands.
When Oobleck dries, it can easily be sucked
Store in an airtight container. Mix it occasionally.
To undo it, mix it with plenty of hot water to make the dough loose. Pour a little into the drain when hot water flows.
If you add food coloring, after washing your hands, you may notice some of the remaining colors.

Do not worry, because in a few days it will be gone.
Makes Oobleck great for rainy days with small ones, especially when the bathroom is ready.
It’s best to place newsprint under your experiment if it sticks too much on your desk.


Stay alert if Oobleck is left for a long time, as it will dry out and turn into cornstarch. Take it when you finish doing it.
Oobleck is not toxic, but it does not taste good. Wash your hands after playing. Be sure to keep an eye on the kids.
Do not worry too much if you stick to something, it will come out with water.
Do not throw Oobleck with drainage or it can clog
Wear old clothes, because Oobleck tends to get dirty.
Put some newspapers on the floor so it does not stick to the floor and the table.
Do not drop it on furniture, covers or sidewalks. It is difficult to remove it from multiple surfaces.

Things you’ll need

cornstarch, also called corn starch
a big bowl
food coloring (optional)
airtight container (for storing it)

Tips on Creating Logo


The first tip is a logo should be simple. Why? Because a simple logo design will be very easy to get recognition from the public and allows the logo to be flexible and easy to remember.

Tips on Creating Logo Design
Take the Nike logo above. The logo was created by Caroline Davidson in 1971 which is the perfect logo for the sportswear business and it is a great example of the many logos available. The logo is impressive, the checklist is very elegantly designed. With just one color only this logo becomes very effective to captivate many people.

Usually the logo does not need to write a brand name or caption. But we know that it is the Nike logo when we see it. The logo can be used on pamphlets and signboards, and even the logo does not use the Nike name, but we are never confused by its brand identity. This is called simplicity.

A complicated logo is difficult to identify, often failing to attract the attention of its target audience. The logo is just an emblem, not a manifesto, so keep it simple.


The second tip is unique. How can a logo appear to be a top brand identity? The answer is simply by being unique. Many people mimic an existing logo, searching for inspiration from existing logos will make the logos that are actually similar and less unique.

Tips on Creating Logo Design

We take the example of Apple logo, this is a simple example for this point. Apples as fruit can be used for brand associations such as nutrition, natural, healthy, perfect red and free of chemicals. But what is unique about this. Just by biting it, it’s so completely different now.

With just a few of these changes, it can transform apples from dull symbols into something completely new and now the fruit symbol that should be more appropriate for the brand of natural, nutritional and health products has become a representation of a leading technology company in world. That is the uniqueness that usually can only come from the way of thinking that out of the box, need creativity and a little innovation.

Easy to remember

Following the principle of simplicity the next thing we should look at to create a logo is to be easy to remember. An effective logo design should be easy to remember and this is achieved by having a simple but precise logo. Like the nike logo that had been discussed, it is easy to remember by many people even if it’s the first time they see it. Unlike the crowded logo with shapes and various colors, people will not easily remember the logo immediately, it must be many times to see it can only remember it.


There should be a story behind every logo. Seeing the logo as a mere line pattern or text or artwork will never lead you to uncover the deepest meaning behind it. Ideally, a perfect logo should tell two stories, one clear and one hidden.

Tips on Creating Logo Design
The client usually asks for an unflattering and cool logo. It’s not like a superhero. You need to show that the client’s logo is not just a superficial work of art but it has some pretty deep thinking as well as a detailed concept, the client will really like it even if it’s just something simple.

For example the Toyota logo is not just 3 different ovals that make up the letter “T”. As mentioned by Toyota, each oval has its own meaning. Oval overlap in the middle represents trust and confidence between customers and companies, while the oval that surrounds outside is for Toyota’s global expansion. The negative space that complements the oval reveals an unlimited range of companies and overall logo, united all as a reflection of the steering wheel that makes it highly relevant to the wheel industry.

Benefits of Fruit Longan

Very good for the eyes

The first benefit is very good for the health of our eyes. Riboflavin is an important vitamin that is part of the B complex vitamin. A man needs 1.3 mg of this vitamin every day, while a woman needs 1.1 mg of riboflavin per day. According to a scientific study published in 2005, this riboflavin deficiency can increase the risk of eye disorders, especially cataracts.

The raw longan has 0.14 milligram riboflavin in every 3.5 ounces, but the dried longan has 0.5 milligrams per 3.5 ounce. Eating 3.5 ounces of dried longan is able to meet 38% of daily riboflavin requirement for a man & 45 percent for women.


The second benefit is as an anti-depressant for a person. Well it turns out the fruit kelengkeng can provide a calming effect, improve nerve function, overcome the irritation and reduce fatigue. Longan also can treat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Reduce stress and fatigue

The third benefit is to reduce stress and fatigue. This fruit is also very good for the heart because it helps in reducing stress as well as fatigue. Not only that. Litchi is also good for the spleen and liver organ, and can rejuvenate the blood circulation & provide a calming effect on the nervous system of the body. This fruit can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Accelerate wound healing

Furthermore, it can accelerate wound healing. The content of polyphenols coupled with vitamin C in the fruit kelengkeng help you who have wounds and heal it quickly, and provide the property to extend the life of cell cells in the body. In addition polyphenols are antioxidants that can prevent cancer.

Prevent Fever and Flu

Lots of Vitamin C uses for humans, including increased endurance and also protects the body from fever and flu.

Make youthful

Litchi fruit also proved very useful for your skin. Litchi has anti-aging properties and has been shown to improve skin health. This one fruit is very useful to treat the skin in the eye area, and can minimize wrinkles and brighten skin tone. Longan also high in vitamin C content that can help nourish the skin and make your skin become more supple. This fruit can also help to nourish the gums and teeth kamum.

Energy sources

Benefits of kelengkeng for the body can also be a food that provides additional energy. The body is already full of energy will be ready to face all kinds of daily activities, so not easily tired or tired.


Inflammation often makes your body painful. To fix this, you can eat fruit kelengkeng. This fruit can be a food to relieve inflammation, so it can ease the pain. Imbangilah consumption of this fruit also by providing external drugs, especially on the skin that is inflamed.

Strengthens bones

A scientific study published in 2013 reported that a postmenopausal woman with low copper levels was more likely to develop osteoporosis as they age. People need to consume about 900 micrograms of copper per day and 3.5 ounces of fresh longanas can supply more than 19 percent of your copper daily needs.

Maintaining Body Temperature

The content of vitamin C in fruit kelengkeng high enough, which can keep the body temperature to stay warm in cold conditions, and also prevent you from the flu, is very good for your body.

Make your intestines healthier

Benefits of later in the digestion of the digestion is to make your intestines become healthier. A healthy intestine will certainly avoid diseases, germs, and bacteria that cause many diseases.

Skin health

Longan is good for skin because it contains anti-aging material. Primarily, the kelengkeng prevent skin wrinkles near the eyes, minimize damage and exfoliation and brighten skin color.

Treating snake bites

According to snake biting area by using the seeds of kelengkeng able to suck the poison & at the same time heal the wound. Of course this must be done expertly.

The Dangers of Consuming MSG

The following are the side effects of most monosodium glutamate (MSG) consumptions.

Brain Damage

The first side effect is that it can cause brain damage. It is very difficult to imagine that this commonly used food flavor is actually harmful, it can even cause like serious brain damage. But the fact is that, consuming MSG on a regular basis can cause degeneration of the brain and nervous system cells.

First, it is important to know how MSG can affect the brain. Monosodium glutamate is a type of excitotoxin. After you eat MSG-rich foods, then MSG enters the bloodstream before heading to the brain. Once in the brain, MSG basically only stimulates brain cells to think that what we eat tastes delicious. This is why we often feel eager for high-MSG foods. Unfortunately, overstimulating such a brain can lead to fatigue and death of your brain cells.

Effect on the skin

Then how the side effects of MSG on the skin? Well this flavor enhancer also can cause effects on the skin such as itching, canker sores, and loss of skin sensitivity.

Neck stiff and dizzy

Flavoring can form alanine that inhibits the absorption of vitamin B6 by the body. Direct effects such as dizziness, stiff neck, nausea, dry mouth, and rash on the face. This syndrome was first discovered by physician Ho Man Kwok in 1968. To overcome this disorder, sufferers need to drink plenty of water and rest.

Triggering Heart Pain

Micin can have a devastating effect on heart health. Most eating foods containing micin can cause your heart to beat abnormally. Usually, this is accompanied by feelings of anxiety and anxiety. Heart condition that lack of blood supply so that cause chest pain is very great.

Causes obesity

MSG makes you addicted so you will eat foods containing mecin continuously. Research conducted in China involves about 752 people who have never been touched MSG in the age range 40-59 years. Apparently they experience tremendous weight gain.

Effects On The Respiratory System

What are the side effects of MSG on the respiratory system? The hazards of taste flavoring can also have an impact on the respiratory system. The consequences of an impaired respiratory system can be fatal if left continuously. Symptoms disrupt the respiratory system because it is caused by excessive flavor consumption that is:

Shortness of breath
Pain in the chest
Rigid in the chest
Nose snot

If the ingredients in flavoring have been about the circulatory system or the respiratory system, the organs or vessels in the body can experience swelling.