Light Steel Frame Fire and Earthquake Resistant

Mild steel frame is claimed to have a better capability in the face of the tremor earthquake survival kit .The following will explain how a lightweight steel frame can be said to have a better strength while standing unit.

Irosa Wahyudi, as the Engineering & Development Manager PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght, explains that mild steel frame has been laboratory tested in Japan. The result shows that the lightweight steel frame their produce to withstand earthquakes of up to 10 magnitude (Richter scale).

Light Steel Frame PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght
Wahyudi exemplifies home with lightweight steel frame can stand firm when an earthquake of 8.6 magnitude in Aceh. He also explained if the design of lightweight steel frame made in accordance with the procedure on a building, it can last up to 50 years.

Factors taken into consideration in the use of lightweight steel frame of which is compliance with the conditions of land, knowing the potential of an earthquake, as well as the strength of the wind around the building environment.

Wahyudi explained several indicators that make lightweight steel frame resistant to earthquakes and the advantages of lightweight steel frame:

  1. Lightweight materials.
  2. Sturdy stand in a design with an integrated system.
  3. Light weight and easily removed.
  4. The structure is sufficiently flexible, so it can be moved to adjust the vibration moment when an
  5. earthquake happens.

Resistant to fire, meaning that the lightweight steel frame will not pass the fire in case of fire.

Best LCD Monitor DELL UltraSharp U2515H

Best LCD Monitor DELL UltraSharp U2515H

Here is another aesthetic monitor truly spectacular to see. It has one of the highest body ratio display absolute and has a minimal and subtle look; Furthermore it is also adjustable at will in many positions, for maximum comfort. Its diagonal is 25 inches and has a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It also features the IPS technology that provides a superior viewing angle and perfect contrast. We are at the top also regarding the response time, is never present delay or lag with the inputs. And it is to be commended also the value for money which makes it one of the best purchases. The only small flaw is the lack of VGA port and DVI port (there’s only HDMI) to allow connection even older PCs, but it’s a detail completely irrelevant if you want to use with a computer to ‘ garde.

Best LCD Monitors Acer XB280HK

We move quietly into the high-end gaming with a monitor from 28 inches diagonally and Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels Aesthetically it is of extreme comfort thanks to a minimally invasive stand but fully adjustable for any height and angle. of unquestionable strength is the quality of the image, which is very sharp and realistic both in media and in gaming. Another advantage is that even has a built-in USB hub to connect peripherals. By rewarding gaming experience, with G-Sync support for synchronization of performance directly with the video card. Finally, the response time of only 1 millisecond, there is virtually no delay. Only small sore point is the viewing angle that’s just not the top, but it’s a detail resolved by the possibility to adjust the display at will.

Editor’s Choice – Best LCD Monitors Asus PG278Q

You want the best of the best Asus is a master of the field, and it provides with this 27-inch diagonal monitor with Quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Here too there is a perfectly adjustable stand and highly articulated. At the technical level is even available 3D mode for this screen. And here we are at the stratospheric refresh rates with 144 Hertz in standard mode and 120 Hertz in 3D (including the adjustable via special button). Also present here the functionality G-Sync for your video card, and in addition there are options for gamers which allow you to make the most advanced gaming experience (for example, there is a button to customize the viewfinder in the game and make it more precise).

Contrast Photography Stay In A Few Easy Steps

Contrast Photography Stay In A Few Easy Steps

Renewing the stay in a few simple steps? Sometimes, to change look to the living area of ??the house, not have to spend as much or change all the furniture, but they are enough a few simple steps that will look like this new area of ??the house. Discover then our advice to give new life to the living!

Sometimes, to change the entire look of the house with an environment just really very little. In fact, with a touch of imagination and style, you can turn your own living room depending on the season of the year or your personal taste, but without spending much time and effort!

The ways and ideas to revamp your living room in a warm and comfortable are so many. For example, they take the flowers (also fake or colored) to shine a living off and graying. For a touch green, then put the pot plants or flower arrangements of resting on the coffee table, to give the place a touch of color.

If, then, you want to give a slightly different look to your living room, then you can change the cushions or fabrics for sofas, choosing colors and patterns other than you had before. Be inspired by the color and your state of mind, without fear of daring! In addition to renewing pillows and sofas, you can change the curtains of the room, which will give a whole new look to the environment. New curtains, in fact, they are perfect to decorate a living in a few steps and will also be chosen according to furnishings and season of the year.

However, also other simple details or details may change to look to your living room. For example, a new carpet or lamps can change a lot the atmosphere, making it more beautiful, warm and welcoming. It will be useful in order, even change the layout of objects, accessories and books that were already in the living room. To give a different touch to the environment do not forget also to add frames, pictures, mirrors, paintings, shelves and decorative pots to brighten the corners of stay anonymous.

Finally, for a more decisive change but not too radical, betting on the change of color of the walls: a new wallpaper, decorative stickers or repaint the walls of the living room with light colors or bright, such as purple or pink.

Browse the photo gallery to see all the ideas to renew the stay in a few easy steps!

4 Modern Houses From The Project To The Final Result

4 Modern Houses From The Project To The Final Result

Very often you can see images of fabulous homes, from outside up to the smallest details of the interior, rarely has the opportunity to see the projects that are the basis of their construction. In this Book of Ideas homify then we decided to offer four fantastic houses with projects and plans, so that you can make a more accurate and complete picture of the distribution of the spaces and their overall organization with the help of our experts. 4 modern houses, perfect examples of contemporary style that will feed your creativity and inspire solutions to bring into your home.

The dining room

Inoltriamoci now in the rest of the house, namely in the dining room, an environment a bit ‘more secluded but stands out in tone and character. Once again stands out to the eye the difference between container and contents, the first modern, essential and delicate, the second classic, sometimes majestic, and with an important past behind. Just look at the design of the console and the beauty of the Arte Povera table complete with chairs.

The bathroom

But if up to ancient and modern now have equally lived together in an amazing combination of factors, in the bathroom all this disappears. We are in fact, in a fort of modernity and the latest trend. Starting from the large light and dark tiles respectively to the floor and the wall, through the design of furnishing radiator, and eventually the style of bathroom. In short, an explosion of elegance and refinement. And you, what do you think

A large modern environment

Here is the wonderful result of a great transformation, which makes us believe that we are hardly talking about the same apartment the previous photo. The dining room and the living room have been integrated into a single space, where communication and the light flow both evenly. The depth of field is impressive and the apparent spaciousness is enhanced by the white color of the walls, much brighter and modern. Along the side wall comprises a storage space, with simple lines with minimalist furniture. This environment is now synonymous with modernity and luxury.

Functionality and ingenuity

As already mentioned, along the lateral wall is a large white wall system that adds more space to store books and magazines and is characterized by decidedly contemporary lines. This mobile favors the entire wall, including the doors and is at the same time the library and media area, without forgetting the places decorative elements on the shelves of it. The lower part of the equipped wall contains the radiators without that are in view. An ingenious solution!

Begin getting cash and organising yourself in With Nail design

Begin getting cash and organising yourself in With Nail design, If you enjoy being artistic, working with people, and taking part in making lovely sides come alive, you may wish to take a tack tech direction. As you memorize the ins and outs of the business, it is simple to start making money. You will be able to establish yourself as a great provider of such services. You will get repeat customers who love what you do and come in for regular exertion .

You will also be able to generate brand-new customers who happen to come in and ask for some type of manicure or nail art to be completed. Your clients will get slew of congratulates on the efforts and share with others who did it for them. It all starts with observing a good fit as not every tack tech direction is the same .
Begin getting cash and organising yourself in With Nail design
Meets Touchstone

In order to become attested, you need to complete a nail tech direction that convenes the industry standards. As you shop around for a great platform, you need to ask about that. Don’t waste your time or coin on something that isn’t going to get your paw in the door to work at a lounge ramuan kayu manis untuk langsing. They are going to ask for your credentials so make sure what you have to offer will be accepted .


The beginning of any nail tech direction should cover the cleanlines and cleanliness aspects of the job. It is important to retains a clean work environment and for all of your tools to be maintained clean. “Theres” standard procedures you must follow or you will be putting your clients at risk .

Chemical Handling and Processing

You will come into contact with various types of compounds. Knowing how to handle them, how to mingle, them and how implement those recommendations for your patron needs is all very important. Such information will be a very important part of any tone tack tech direction. Failure to follow the claim procedures can cause troubles for you or your clients .

Gaining Patrons

You will pattern a variety of sides on start-ups and techniques during the nail tech direction. It is a good idea to take pictures of them so you share with potential consumers when you have to offer. They may be nervous if you are new to the lounge and they aren’t used to working with you. Show them photos of exertion you have done and it can help you to gain brand-new clients .

You can also offer specials and rebates in your first few months on the number of jobs. People love to save money and it is a good way to tempt them to give you an opportunity. If you do a wonderful undertaking, they will come back to you again and again. They will also encourage other people they know to come to you .

Designs and Art

Depending on where you work, you may have access to slew of schemes and artwork you can use for the nails. In other shops, you must have your own materials and equipment. The start-up expenditure can be high so you may find it is best to identify a location where you can use their parts. Afterward on, you can consider buying your own parts and even starting your own salon .

Camel Fashion Trend, The Must-Have For Winter 2015

Camel Fashion Trend, The Must-Have For Winter 2015

Camel fashion trend, the must-have for winter 2015. A classic and eternal color that marked the history of fashion. The camel refers immediately to a leader par excellence his coat, large, soft and with more buttons. Today the designers draw of this color not only outerwear, but they create a range of clothes and accessories.

The camel is a shade of color that takes its name from the hair of the animal in which the British tonnage in India manifactured wrap coat fluffy and hot. The camel coat is combined of many leaders of different clothing each other. Perfect with skinny jeans, like those of the denim line of Guess, for a more glamorous look, but also with a couple of easy-street colored sneakers. The camel is the true king of the catwalk for the cold season, but keeping its timeless charm. You can choose between various of the major brand models, revisited in many shades Ferragamo also designed for the man of the beautiful camel-colored cloth coats, Malo tip of coats with lacing robe, Jil Sander chose him for his parka with sports cap. color trend also for Fendi handbags and shoulder bags, and the trunks of Louis Vuitton, which turn into doctor’s bag, with single handle. Even Longchamp it proudly displays for its large and beautiful bags.

The traditional sweater Givenchy wool is enriched with metal bands, while the Pull & Bear brand has fun with a printed dungarees. The more saucy silk blouse H & M Premium. Even the shoes are camel tinged like court shoes by Casadei who piping gold and suede upper, or elegant sandals Alexander Wang to bands of nubuck leather, up moccasins flat calfskin Rodo. Refined the boot with wide heel camel for Bally. Hot maxi vest cloth Mango or sweater top with zip, comfortable and soft, signed Banana Republic. Even eyeglasses, acetate, Moscot are camel, as well as the elegant trousers crepe de chine signed Pinko. The camel is really the absolute king, and if you look the Valentino sophistication draws an elegant biscuit-colored dress, while for the nostalgic taste of the past, there ottod’Ame with his sleeveless wool with fur collar.To complete the winter white look, you can also play with trendy accessories: the bag, clutch size, from boots to moccasins, strictly contrasting colors.

We see in the photo gallery accessories and must-have garments camel for winter 2015!

Cinemama, The App That Shows The Progress Of The Belly

Cinemama, The App That Shows The Progress Of The Belly

Here is the free app that expectant mothers can use to create a movie with the progress of the belly week by week.

Among the many applications for smartphone dedicated to pregnant women, and of which we have already spoken on another occasion, today we want to introduce the latest generation app that besides being useful it is also very funny. CineMama is the “application that allows you to capture the progress of the belly during pregnancy week by week, making a movie with a soundtrack of your choice and using your photos of the belly. Free app for iPhone, literally company, which also allows you to share online with friends and family photos, the pages of the diary, and I your post. Download it now!

The mommy blogging is a phenomenon increasingly popular and growing. Discover with us the 10 most influential blogger moms!

Many of them have started a game, but especially for the children to get up close. Draw up a top list it was not easy, of mothers talented on the web there are so many, but we wanted to accept the challenge. Here, then, the ranking of the most famous blogger moms!

We want to point out that the top list is the result of a ranking of writing Donnaclick compiled based on a mix of information including the traffic on the blog, the activities and presence in network and out of network.

Mammafelice (rank 1,301) is the blog of the explosive Barbara Damiano: mother of Daphne, wife of Nestor and woman full of life, who now does the job he always wanted. With her husband has also opened a company that produces blogs and websites for other women who want to work from home.
Supermom (rank 546.932) is the blog of Angela Herculaneum, a supermom, of course! He delights in the kitchen for her two Child, as you call them, the First and Second, and is full of creative ideas!
Machedavvero (rank 568.687) is the blog of Chiara Cecilia Santamaria: blogger, writer, freelance journalist and mother of course. The name of his blog is derived from the exclamation that five years ago did the sight of the pregnancy test … today collaborates with Vanity Fair and has a column in Cosmopolitan and Barilla Piccolini.
Not only mother (rank 589.767) is the blog of the sympathetic Claudia De Lillo aka Elastigirl … journalist, the wife of a husband part-time and mother of three children with the aspiration of all mothers, reconciling motherhood and work.
House on the Prairie (rank 672.373) is the blog of Porta Claudia: mom, blogger, author and creative. He works on the motto of the sculptor and architect Gaetano Pesce: “I teach only things I do not know, so in the meantime I learn.”
Mom imperfect (rank 779.163) is the blog of Silvia Sacchetti, a space to be informed and to share.
Panzallaria (rank 5,512,324) is the blog of Francesca Sanzo, a mom 2.0 expert content and strategies for the web! On his blog recounts anecdotes frolline sauce and chocolate.
Mamamò (rank 8,830,935) is the blog of two mothers geek, Roberta Franceschetti and Elisa Salamini chasing App for children.
Extramamma (rank 11,006,049) is the blog of Patrizia Violi, journalist and mother of two daughters and a dog!
Moms needle (rank 11,185,045) is the blog of nice Valentina Piccini, a mother who continues to live on the heels regardless of the inconvenience and leaning on the stroller to avoid falling!

9 Fantastic Patio From Which To Be Inspired

9 Fantastic Patio From Which To Be Inspired

We are finally in the middle of summer the perfect time to enjoy a green and cool patio What better place for a delicious dinner in the company … If you have not organized your garden to enjoy this summer, take a look at these fantastic projects, maybe you will find a solution from which you inspire.

What are you waiting Let’s start!

An elegant patio

If you want to have an elegant patio as one of the photo, you have to do is place – with good taste – some elements in a typically rustic style of a fifth plastered and painted in white. This way you will get a unique atmosphere in which to spend pleasant hours during your days. the division of space too, with an area dedicated to conviviality and another at rest, contribute to the success of this fantastic outdoor space.

A patio with natural wooden deck

An interesting possibility, especially in terms of functionality, is to pave a good portion of your garden with a warm natural wood deck. You will make it more welcoming space through a device which, moreover, does not need significant maintenance works.

solid elements + Glass

The exact opposite of the previous case, is the use of crystals to frame the entrance of the house, a classic that is reinvented in all styles, comparing it to other compact materials. The combination of these two elements will create the impression of an apparent buoyancy of the door on the glass facade, creating an intriguing light to the whole house. You can choose to place the glass in the upper part of the door or on the sides, but the most striking contrast will be complete.

change in the structure

One of the most usual methods for creating porch and private driveway is to make access to the easily identifiable home. One sure way to achieve this formula, is to withdraw the portion of the structure to create a niche that is a walkway that is an interruption of the building volume. This will create a change of depth, attracting the eye of the towards the deepest point. To further accentuate this condition, use a shade or a different material.

vertical plane + door material

If you are looking for a visual impact that exceeds the modern touches and the amazing, that you can use and extend the use of the material chosen for the main front door of your home for the entire upper section of the entry. Therefore, the access area will differ from the rest of the façade, giving life to an ideal solution especially if you have a double level.

The Recipe For Crisis Barroso Taxing The Assets

The Recipe For Crisis Barroso Taxing The Assets

It also serves’ ‘a tax on the most’ significant ” assets to increase revenue. This was stated by President of the European Commission, Jose ‘Manuel Barroso, in his reply to the end of the debate on European governance before the plenary of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

” The governments spend more ‘than raking – said Barroso – If not you can cut more’ expenses, increase revenue ”.

C ‘is an Italian treasure hidden, anonymous and tax free, kept in the vaults of Swiss banks. It may very well help to reduce the public debt, but we must hurry and sign an undertaking with Switzerland’s interest to do so as has already happened with Germany and the UK, with which it has entered into two agreements photocopy Agreements that have any hope of success because they are beneficial for both sides from time to time drawn into question. Swiss retain banking secrecy, Germany, for example, it is estimated will get in the first year of the Agreement 4 billion euro.

It works like this Swiss banks apply a withholding tax (anonymously) on capital income in Switzerland owned by German nationals. The rate is that of the country of origin, the 26.375% applicable in Germany (in the UK is 27% on investment income, 40% on dividends and 48% on interest). Also on the same capital is applied another withholding tax (Swiss bank), always anonymous, but one-off, that is, a forfeit that fluctuates from 19 to 34% depending on the extent and the period of detention of foreign capital . A compensatory measure to compensate the non-payment of taxes in past years. We said that Berlin only for the current year is expected to yield at 4 billion the dell’euroritenuta application of 2005, in 2007 had grossed a paltry 81 million euro. The alternative granted to investors, is to autodenunciarsi and declare their income in the country of origin without penalty.

The agreement signed by the Germans September 21, 2011 will be valid as of 2013 (not ratified the Bundestag and a referendum in Switzerland) However, Swiss banks, have already committed to advance to Germany 2 billion Swiss francs (1 , 6 billion EUR) in respect of previous one-off tax on wealth. There is no reason why even Italy should not follow the same path. This is going to recover a bit ‘of that money deducted to the tax authorities and patience if in certain aspects of the measure ends with condoning some responsible for the ill-gotten gains.

Wealthy People To Help Growth Capital And Tax

Wealthy People To Help Growth Capital And Tax

The forecasts are very clear: in 2009 the level was equal to 115.8 percent of GDP, will rise to 118.4 in the following year, to reach 119.6 in 2012 (RUEF estimates). The arduous process of reduction, initiated in 1994 and continued with ups and downs so far, which left 123 points, appears completely nullified. As in the board game we went back to square one and everything remains to be done. The only consolation is that, compared to 1994, also the average of the euro has increased, reaching in 2009 about 78 percent, compared to the original 60 percent. But the pain shared is a joy in this case does not hold, indeed creates the risk of an oversupply in the securities market.

What is debt? Simply put, it is the imbalance between the revenue and expenditure of the various public authorities which, year after year, is consolidated in a stock that tends to get bigger and bigger. If revenues fail to cover all the expenses, the remaining portion is used to indebtedness. The state, the region and the local authority asking for the loan market (ie in households, companies, banks, pension funds …) what is lacking to address the needs, given the share of payments (including the notes due to be repaid) in excess of the receipts. Only the state, which makes the lion’s share, it must place a whopping 500 billion titles each year.

It produces public debt for various reasons: because the ends always sopravvanzano means (strabismus of the decision); why borrow to make investments is, to a certain extent, desirable, as these will produce more income in future years; because some expenditures tend to automatically increase for structural reasons (pensions, healthcare). Added to these are waste and tax evasion, particularly high in Italy.the money of not even see them to him them taxes take away from your paycheck before you even deliver it.

You can avoid the repayment of public debt? In the twentieth century it has happened as a result of the World Wars. And ‘why the Germans are so careful to financial stability, having seen twice, during the’ 900, completely off the value of its currency. In peacetime almost no one supports the ability to avoid debt repayment. For 100 years no one would lend nothing to the insolvent state and life would not be easy.