How Facing When Earthquake

Earthquakes are vibrations or shocks that occur in the Earth’s surface due to the release of energy from the sudden that creates seismic waves.

Earthquake measured using seismometer. Moment magnitude is the most common scale in which earthquakes occur worldwide.

Rickter scale is a scale that was reported by the observatory seismological national is measured on a scale of local magnitude 5 magnitude. both the same scale during their valid ranges. 3 earthquakes of magnitude or more are mostly hardly noticeable and its large 7 over potentially cause serious damage over large areas, depending on the depth of the earthquake, earthquake emergency kit

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Facing way Earthquake

When you are in the house:

  • Do not panic and do not run out, take cover under a table or bed.
  • If no, protect the head with a pillow or other object.
  • Stay away from bookshelves, cabinets and windows.
  • Beware of the palate (roof) which may collapse, hanging objects such as ornaments on the walls and so on.

When you are outdoors:

  • Stay away from tall buildings, walls, sheer cliffs, power station and power lines, billboards, tall trees and so on.
  • Try to reach an open area.
  • Stay away from shelves, glass windows and doors.

When you are in the common room / public:

  • Do not panic and do not run out because the possibility was filled with people.
  • Stay away from objects that are easy to slip / fall like shelves, cabinets, windows and so on.

When you are driving a vehicle:

  • Immediately stop in the open.
  • Do not stop on the bridge or under the flyover / overpass.
  • When browsing in shopping malls, cinemas, and the ground floor of the mall:
  • Do not cause panic or a victim of panic.
  • Follow all instructions of an employee or security guard.

When you’re in an elevator:

  • Do not use the elevator / lift during an earthquake or fire. Better to use the emergency stairs.
  • If you feel the vibrations of an earthquake while in the elevator, then press all the buttons.
  • When the lift stop, get out, look if the situation is save and evacuate.
  • If you are stuck in an elevator, contact the building manager to use the interphone if available.

When you’re on the train:

  • Hold on tightly to the pole so that you will not fall if the car is stopped abruptly.
  • Be calm following the explanations of the train attendant.
  • Misunderstood information officer or station wagon will cause panic

When you are on the mountain / beach:

  • There is a possibility of sliding off a mountain. Stay out straight away to safety.
  • On the coast, the danger came from the tsunami. If you feel a vibration and signs of tsunamis appear, quickly evacuate to high ground.

You can help:

  • Because of health workers from hospitals will have difficulty coming to the scene then be prepared to provide first aid to the people around you.


  • Refugee camps are usually set up by the local government. Evacuation be necessary if the fire spreads due to the earthquake. In principle, the evacuation is done by walking under escort of police officers or government agencies. Bring items to taste.

Listen to information:

  • At the time of the earthquake, devastated community mental, sadness and stress. To prevent panic, it is important everyone be calm and act in accordance with the correct information. You can obtain the correct information from the authorities, the police, or officials PMK. Do not act because the information is not clear.

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