Light Steel Frame Fire and Earthquake Resistant

Mild steel frame is claimed to have a better capability in the face of the tremor earthquake survival kit .The following will explain how a lightweight steel frame can be said to have a better strength while standing unit.

Irosa Wahyudi, as the Engineering & Development Manager PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght, explains that mild steel frame has been laboratory tested in Japan. The result shows that the lightweight steel frame their produce to withstand earthquakes of up to 10 magnitude (Richter scale).

Light Steel Frame PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght
Wahyudi exemplifies home with lightweight steel frame can stand firm when an earthquake of 8.6 magnitude in Aceh. He also explained if the design of lightweight steel frame made in accordance with the procedure on a building, it can last up to 50 years.

Factors taken into consideration in the use of lightweight steel frame of which is compliance with the conditions of land, knowing the potential of an earthquake, as well as the strength of the wind around the building environment.

Wahyudi explained several indicators that make lightweight steel frame resistant to earthquakes and the advantages of lightweight steel frame:

  1. Lightweight materials.
  2. Sturdy stand in a design with an integrated system.
  3. Light weight and easily removed.
  4. The structure is sufficiently flexible, so it can be moved to adjust the vibration moment when an
  5. earthquake happens.

Resistant to fire, meaning that the lightweight steel frame will not pass the fire in case of fire.

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