Benefits of Red Wine and Fruit Benefits for Health

Fruit red wine is a type of grape is very popular and the situation is also phenomenal. This wine is not much different from other types of wine grapes such as green, but the color of the fruit is very beautiful and makes the fruit is used as a dessert to decorate. This fruit has been found in a pretty cool place. Then the trees of this fruit vines and require special treatment to produce a large and dense fruit.

The red grapes dipecaya has benefits and efficacy which is great for the body. Of course these benefits are not spared because it implies that it is good. The contents of this fruit such as vitamin A, C, B, B6, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar and other nutrients. Of course with these nutrients has its own benefits for health. So what are the efficacy and benefits, the following is the information.

Fruits Red Wine, Red Wine Benefits, Benefits of Red Wine

1. Overcoming insomnia

The content of red wine has been contained melatonin which is believed to make regulatory sleep in the brain back to work. So, if you feel disturbed sleep or insomnia despite doing nothing, this way you can use to take a bit of red wine and eat.

2. Preventing heart disease

The sweet taste of the grapes there is a typical one that is believed to have a protective effect against heart disease. Then the phenol content in the fruit also has strong antioxidant properties to protect the heart. A study in the US and Japan have shown that the content of this fruit can prevent blood vessel blockage in the heart or cardiovascular disease area.

3. Prevent Cancer

Other benefits of red wine that may prevent cancer. The contents of this fruit such as antioxidants, acid elagik, acutimissin, restavarol and petrostilbene was believed to inhibit the abnormal cells in the body that are believed to cause cancer. Cancer is a disease that is deadly in the world, therefore you need to avoid it.

4. Overcoming high blood

For those of you who have problems with blood tekanakan were so high, it could be to consume red grapes. This is done because the content of melatonin and potassium contained in this fruit can control blood pressure. In addition, the fiber content can cleanse the blood vessels of fat and cholesterol and make a smooth blood circulation.

5. Increase the body’s energy

This fruit contains natural sugars that are already on the fruit. This content will become a reserve of energy for your body. So, if you are often exhausted and too tired and bored with your job, it can be to eat fruit and red wine is as much as 1 ounce of course, to add your passion in doing the activity.

6. Prevent Diabetes

If you have diabetes or blood sugar levels tinggit, it disarnakan once to eat this fruit. Although it has a sweet, but the sweetness that is very safe and not harmful to the body because of its natural sugar content. The content of manganese contained in this fruit can maintain stable blood sugar.

7. Preventing osteoporosis

Other benefits of red wine can prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis or bone loss. This has happened because of the content of boron in this fruit which is excellent for strengthening bones.

8. Whiten teeth

If you have problems with your teeth because kungin or dull colored and want to whiten your teeth naturally, eat this fruit is a good way. ASALM content of folate that exist in this fruit is excellent for teeth whitening and cope with changes in color that have occurred in your teeth.

9. Nail Beautify

The grapes are also very good if used as a scrub. If you make a scrub with this fruit will make your nails become more beautiful, clean, and it can also remove a nodule in the nail. How to use it is also very easy, you can prepare 10 pieces and then pounded with 2 tablespoons of sugar, then please massage on hand for 10 minutes. Next please refer to the difference of your nails.

10. Increase sexual desire

At the time you had intercourse with your partner, certainly often feel tired. Certainly it is the most important thing that can be experienced. To overcome this, you can eat fruit red Anggut. This fruit has been believed to have aphrodisiac properties that can increase your sexual desire.

In addition to 10 usefulness and efficacy of yam fruit for health, there are another 10 other benefits of this fruit that you should know, this following benefits:

10 Benefits and Other Benefits of Red Wine Fruit:

  1. strengthen teeth
  2. Eliminate wrinkles
  3. Brightening faces
  4. moisturize the face
  5. Remove spots on the face
  6. Remove the black stain on the face
  7. to prevent migraine
  8. blood Membersihakan
  9. strengthen bones
  10. Maintaining a healthy heart

Above that 20 benefits and efficacy of red grapes for a healthy body you need to know. May be useful to add insight and knowledge you maintain your health and eating healthy fruits each day, and a healthy lifestyle will be more benefit you in the future.

Pregnancy, Fish Oil And Smarter Babies

According to a latest observe which became posted within the ‘Archives of Disease in Childhood’ in 2006, toddlers born to women who took fish oil supplements over the last 4 months of being pregnant had higher hand to eye coordination, had been better audio system and will understand extra on the age of two and a 1/2, than babies born to moms who have been given olive oil as an alternative. read : Perkembangan Janin

The Study

The double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial changed into performed by means of the University of Western Australia and led with the aid of Professor Susan Prescott. Also concerned within the have a look at have been King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and Telethon Institute for Child Health Research and Centre for Child Health Research Australia.

A general of ninety eight women had been first of all enrolled inside the look at, all of who have been non people who smoke and who did no longer regularly consume more than 2 portions of oily fish a week. A general of 80 3 of these women completed the take a look at. Researchers gave half of of the women in the trial 4gr of fish oil supplements on a day by day basis from twenty weeks of pregnancy and these dietary supplements contained a combination of both Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The remainder of the women have been given 4gr of Olive Oil. Development checks have been done on a total of 72 of the toddlers once they had reached the age of two and a half of years.

The kids whose mothers received fish oil had a extensively higher score for eye-hand coordination than the babies whose mothers have been given olive oil as an alternative. The increase charges were comparable in each corporations, as had been the overall language abilities, however, the fish oil organization showed higher ratings for receptive language, phrase duration and vocabulary. The fine results had been now not associated with likely influential factors which include maternal age and length of time breastfeeding as these elements had already been accounted for.

Fatty acids and the brain

The hyperlink among Omega three fatty acids and the mind has already been properly set up and lots of studies have now shown that fish oil can alleviate the signs and symptoms or help to prevent the onset of numerous varieties of depressive problems, consisting of submit natal depression. EPA mainly is believed to improve attention and memory and cognitive function in widespread, and some research have shown it is able to even help to prevent or gradual down the development of Alzheimer’s ailment.

It is over the past 3 months of being pregnant that the baby’s brain is growing very rapidly and so this is a time while it’s far particularly crucial that the mother gets enough of the important Omega three fatty acids that are most effective determined in any giant portions in oily fish along with Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, Herring and Anchovies. These fatty acids facilitate healthful shape and development of the mind and plenty of specialists now accept as true with it is DHA that is essential for the structure of the brain and EPA for efficient functioning of the brain on a each day basis.

Scientists at The University of Bristol inside the UK are currently investigating the advantages of giving fish oil to kids, as a lot of the evidence thus far has come from dietary factors at some point of being pregnant. For example, preceding studies by Bristol University observed that kids whose moms ate fish regularly all through being pregnant had higher imaginative and prescient and cognitive development and behaviour than the ones whose moms ate little or no fish.

So why don’t we just devour extra fish?

Due to the doubtlessly high ranges of pollutants, in particular mercury, in sparkling fish, the modern-day recommendation is for pregnant girls and girls and women who might have a infant one day within the future to consume no more than 2 portions of fish per week, one in all which should be oily, and no more than four quantities of fish for anybody else, no more than of which should be oily.

The indications are that Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is probably an choice for anyone, together with all through pregnancy and past. Indeed, this form of fish oil is advanced to conventional grade fish oils and is turning into increasingly more popular due to the fact the procedures worried in producing it means the oil has been filtered and concentrated to comprise excessive degrees of the all crucial fatty acids with out the risk of pollution related to sparkling fish.


The Australian have a look at could appear to indicate that there are no unfavorable consequences for mom or baby from taking exceptionally high doses of fish oil in overdue pregnancy. Not best can it have a useful effect on baby’s cognitive development and decrease the risk of growing publish natal despair, there are also numerous different fitness benefits associated with taking fish oil. However, if you are pregnant or looking to conceive and would like to recollect the option of taking fish oil dietary supplements, it is important which you talk the implications along with your health practitioner or other fitness care company first.

10 Most Popular Girl Names Of 2016

If you are expecting a baby in 2016, you could have possibly already taken into consideration dozens or even hundreds of toddler female names! With such a lot of to choose from, it is able to be tough to find the proper call that matches your child’s persona, look and final call. To assist you are making the selection, here are 10 of the maximum famous child lady names for 2016.

Emma is derived from the German word ermen, which means that ‘familiar’ or ‘complete’. It is also normally used as a shortened model of Emmeline or Amelia. It is a very vintage call and can be traced returned to the 11th-Century. The recognition of the call has fluctuated through the years, however because the Nineteen Sixties it has emerge as extra common, specially within the United States, Western Europe and Australia. Since the mid 2000s it has seen a resurgence in popularity and is expected to remain famous in 2016.

An historical call that has been in use for lots of years, Sophia will remain famous in 2016. It is derived from s?F?A, a Greek word that means ‘knowledge’. In the United States, Sophia became the most famous name for 2011, 2012 and 2013! Variations of the name also are famous, consisting of Fia, Sofana, Sophie, Sophio and Soffia.

The call Charlotte dates lower back to the 18th-Century and is the girl form of the male name Charles. It has a French foundation and way ‘petite’ inside the female shape or ‘unfastened guy’ within the masculine. Girls named Charlotte frequently have their names abbreviated to Charlie, Lottie, Tottie or Carlota. This call may be very famous in European countries and Australia, where it changed into themost popular call in 2013.

Princess Kate Middleton and Chelsea Clinton both determined to call their newborns Charlotte in 2015, that is predicted to increase the call’s recognition in 2016.

Olivia has visible a big spike in popularity in current years and is a sturdy contender for the maximum famous baby female call in the United States in 2016. It is derived from the Latin Oliva, meaning ‘olive and turned into first used someday within the 13th-Century.

A very stunning and quick name, it has risen in popularity recently due to many celebrities deciding on the call for the kids. The name is of German beginning and became used from the mediaeval period. The reputation of film superstar Ava Gardner accelerated the use of the name inside the Western international and it is set to be one of the most famous child girl names in 2016.

Isabella is the latin model of the call Elizabeth, because of this ‘dedicated to God’ in Hebrew. Just like Elizabeth, it’s miles one of the maximum famous names inside the international and has seen a recentspike in recognition. There are many versions in this call including Bettina, Elisa, Elise, Elishbeta, Izabella, and Isabell. It is also common for women named Isabella to actually move by means of the name Bella.

This name is taken from the stunning, rose-colored ruby gemstone. The origins of the word may be traced back to the Latin ‘Ruber’, which means that purple. The name first have become popular within the Victorian technology, while many kids have been named after jewels. While this name isn’t famous inside the United States, it is very famous in a few elements of Europe, New Zealand and Australia. In 2016, it’s miles anticipated to increase in recognition and grow to be extra good sized.

This name has exploded in popularity in current years and is in all likelihood to location in the pinnacle 10 in many countries this year. This name has a number of origins, along with Hebrew, Latin and Scandinavian. The initial usage changed into suspected to return from the Hebrew language, which may have based it on the Egyptian phrase ‘myr’, this means that ‘loved’. This name is especially popular in Australia and america, but will boom in popularity in the course of Europe this yr.

This name has been specially popular in England and different components of Europe in the course of 2015. It’s unexpected spike in reputation is anticipated to continue and it’ll input the top 10 in diverse nations in 2016. The name is based at the German phrase amal, because of this’work’. It is related to other famous names such as Emma, Amy, Milly and Mel. Although it sounds like Emily, researchers don’t consider the names have a comparable foundation (Emily comes from a Latin basis).

Another very antique call, Emily turned into derived from the Roman name Aemilia, which become in flip derived from the Latin phrase aemulus ‘ meaning ‘rival’. It has been a very popular name in Western international locations over the last 10 years and in spite of chickening out becoming less famous recently, it’s going to maximum like remain within the top 10 in 2016.


Alert, Region’s Potential Extreme Weather

Extreme weather predikasi will still occur in some areas in Indonesia. Data from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) shows the extreme weather is predicted to include heavy rain, lightning, high waves and strong winds,

1. Heavy rains could potentially occur in Riau, Aceh, North Sumatra, Jambi, South Sumatra, Banten, West Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Borneo, Bali, Nusa Tenggara west, East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Papua.

2. Thunderstorm, could potentially occur in Riau, Kepulauan Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, Lampung, Banten, Jabodetabek, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara.

3. A strong wind, has the potential to happen in South Sumatra, Lampung, Yogyakarta, East Java, Central Kalimantan, West Sulawesi.

4. Wave Height (> 2.5 meters) could potentially occur in the South Indian Ocean region South of Central Java to Bali.

5. Natural disasters: a potentially heavy rains could potentially occur in Riau, Aceh, North Sumatra, West Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, most of Borneo, Bali, NTB, NTT, most of Sulawesi and Papua can cause inundation, flooding, landslides and wind tight.

Benefits of Apples for Babies 6 Months To Top

Apples are a healthy fruit consumption because it contains a variety of essential substances to the body in it. Not only useful for adults only, but apples are also important benefits given to babies, but babies who are 6 months or more. The content of various nutrients, taste apples and easy setup are several reasons why the Mother should prepare apples as an ingredient.

Nutrition In Apples

Nutrition is the main thing to watch out for the baby food, there are some sources that do not recommend the apple for the baby, such as the version of the EWG who say that apples are often the fruit of many exposed to pesticides, as well as delivered magazine parent that is not good for baby. However, given the nutrients in apples is very good for health, it is still an apple into fruit excellent for babies.

Benefits of Apples for Babies 6 Months To Top

One of the essential ingredients in apples is fiber. In this piece there are two fibers, ie soluble and insoluble fiber. Both types of fiber is very good in keeping diverticulosis and colon cancer. The soluble fiber in apples prevents cholesterol buildup in blood vessel walls.

While insoluble fiber will keep the affairs of disposal or defecation, defecation will smoothly due to insoluble fiber in the gut. This fiber provides bulk in the intestine, while the bulk binding water, so the two serves to cleanse the digestive tract.

The benefits of apples for infants 6 months also did not matter how many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E in apples. In addition to vitamins in apples also contain minerals such as manganese, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium etc.

Apple for health benefits is known and shown by a number of the nutrients in apples. Good apple as the fruit diet, because the life of a lot of their fiber content, so as to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and maintain cardiovascular health. It also reduces the risk of stroke, maintain a stable weight, diet foods low in fat, rich in fiber, improve the health of the lungs, against the effects of oxidative damage, promotes prostate, liver and colon health, to inhibit tumor growth, cancer, and promote bone health.

Benefits of Apples for Babies 6 Months

Why Apple is considered as a very useful food for babies. It is not unreasonable, there are several arguments that make this healthy fruit as baby food.

1. Apples of the lowest food allergy

2. They are foods that are easily digestible

3. Making baby food apples can be done very easily dancepat

4. Babies love the taste of apple

5. The fruit is available all time, the world’s disebahagian

Apples for food baby preferably organic apples. Due to the non-organic apples are considered as a fruit that appears in the list of the Environmental Working Group on ‘The Dirty Dozen’. Non-organic apples is that many types of apples contaminated with pesticides, if you use this apple you are forced to peel the skin resulting in loss of nutrients to the skin sebahagian apples.

Aside from being a baby food, apples are also beneficial for the baby drinks. Apple juice is good for health and development of the baby, but choose a more concentrated juice than is clean and clear.

Shoes Tod’s 2015 Spring Summer Collection

Shoes Tod’s 2015 Spring Summer Collection

Tod’s shoes in 2015, the brand presents the spring summer collection. A color line rich and hybrid models that wink to the tradition of the house. Let’s find out all the news that we wear next season.

Tod’s presents to us the new collection Spring Summer 2015 shoes, a line from the sophisticated shapes that gives a nod to the vintage inspirations and combines perfectly with the new bags proposed by the brand for the summer. The shades are warm and bright as the sun shines in summer and models are as always very classic; Needless to say, those of the tip are more or less always the same, perfectly in line with the Tod’s intentions, always linked to the tradition of moccasins, although there are certainly the most original interpretations.

Rubber from the famous moccasin of the house, to sandals classical taste, but also much sought after saucy, the summer colors of eye-catching shades with an eye for what will be the most popular colors of the season, already identified on the catwalks from Pantone, which made them known with his usual Fashion Report.

Do not go unnoticed the open-toe sandals with wooden heel pumps nor the line from strictly vintage taste, while those who do not particularly like the heels, can not fail to be charmed by the dancers with the fringes and the lace-perfect for the outfit that wear office. Inevitable also in the shoe of a Tod’s Gommino the addicted, the historian moccasin with rubber under the sole, that for the spring, the band has declined in a range of pastel colors, but not lacking the classic neutral colors.

Are you curious to find out the new collection of Tod’s shoes for spring summer 2015 Then do not miss our gallery.

They range from the classic tight-fitting hat with pom poms in hue, to get to the hat stretches, becomes soft and special. The latter model, already in particular itself, can be chosen in the most classic colors like black, brown, gray or ivory, but if you want an accessory that draws attention, then you can not avoid the color marsala, hue Pantone 2015. the cheerleaders can be found directly on the cap and its size may change, but the winter 2015 wants them bulky and in the foreground, preferably in fur and color in contrast to the rest of the cap.

16 Intelligent Ideas for Your Kitchen

16 Intelligent Ideas for Your Kitchen

As we know, the kitchen features a number of features that require special attention and care in organizing the spaces inside the home. In fact, they have to find food and utensils dedicated to the preparation and cooking of food, workstations, drawers and doors where everything needs to be organized and accessible to ensure maximum functionality. The kitchen, then, has to be cozy and comfortable to live, convivial space where you spend a lot of time inside the home environment. In this Book of Ideas, then we will see 16 intelligent proposals elaborated by our experienced architects and interior designers who will help you shape yours. Let’s see them together.

An additional sink

The sink is an essential and unavoidable element in every kitchen to wash foods, especially vegetables, dishes and glasses, pots and pans A small extra sink like the one we see is a great solution to make the operations in the kitchen more functional and fluid.

A multifunctional bench

A multifunctional counter, an island kitchen like the one we see, can be the best solution to make space for a smaller, more efficient, fluid, and accessible kitchen, adding an additional work plan, also used as a breakfast bar and snack bar .

U-style kitchen

The choice of the layout of the kitchen becomes essential in order to make the most of the available volumes. A U-shaped kitchen as the one we see allows to distribute the workpieces and cooking uniformly along the walls of the room, allowing you to get an organized and enveloping cooking corner.

Take every available volume

In this picture we see a compact kitchen that utilizes every available volume in an active and functional way to store utensils, dishes, pots, pans, glasses. As we can see, retractable doors and drawers allow extensively to extend the kitchen storage capacities in a practical and functional way.

Interactive wall coverings

The kitchen walls can become, as we see, an opportunity to activate each surface. A blackboard wall becomes an interactive surface to write and draw, a creative and original way to make your kitchen more lively.

Intelligent lighting

Illumination plays, as always, a very important, decisive role in facilitating accessibility and usability of work plans. A focused lighting, with built-in lights in the cabinets like the one we see, allows to bring light in a precise and uniform way where it is most useful, also contributing to the decoration of space.

16 Genial Ideas That Can not Miss Modern Style

16 Genial Ideas That Can not Miss Modern Style

The kitchen space in every house is of the utmost importance, so today we offer 16 smart solutions with which its spaces have been optimized and made particularly welcoming. Are you ready to find out Let’s start!

The round sink

If you do not have any particular needs, such as the washing of bulky objects, remember that a small circular sink can save you a lot of space.

An oblong counter

If your kitchen is long and narrow you opt for a solution that concentrates relational space around a large island counter.

Tall Storage

If the floor is sufficiently high, we recommend using this feature using storage shelves for utensils, dishes and utensils.

Maximum organization

Remember, the greater the storage space, the greater the comfort of work spaces. If you can, opt for custom solutions that can take advantage of every inch of space available.

A wall  blackboard

It is more and more common to use in the kitchen for blackboard paints for one or more walls. On the market you can find products with integrated steel powder that allows you to use the surface as a large magnetic board.


In the kitchen, optimal lighting is absolutely essential for the preparation of foods and secondly because it allows you to appreciate your creations visually, at a pre-olfactory and tasteful stage.

A truly creative solution

The welded mesh that you see employed in this interior is affordable in every building store and besides being very functional produces a fascinating scenic effect.

Different materials

Give the bottom of your creativity and try combining different materials to configure hybrid spatiality, and if you prefer, eclectic.

White discontinuous

In this kitchen the dominant white is broken by the technological component an interesting solution with hi-tech echoes from the underground charm.

Retractable Appliances

If you love a more traditional style, do not be afraid household appliances can be covered with molded doors and country colors.

Natural light

Those who are fortunate enough to have a big opening in the house like the one you see in the picture can not be left out of a project that appreciates natural light and views of the surrounding landscape.

Wine exhibitor

This solution will be especially appreciated by wine enthusiasts … who would not want to have a small collection at home !

A flexible kitchen

In this case the table can be moved or re-orientated to configure spatiality each time.

View drapes

Before storing the plates in the dresser you need to drain it … choose functional objects but do not neglect the aesthetic appearance if you want your kitchen to be a jewel.

Back in vinyl

This solution is very practical because it is easy to clean and also allows a wide range of customization … you can choose from a wide range of colors or designs what is your favorite

Vibrant tones

Give your kitchen an impression of your character by choosing the prevailing color.

Italian To The Bathroom With The Phone Replaced Books And Newspapers

Italian To The Bathroom With The Phone Replaced Books And Newspapers

Italians can not do without their smartphone even when they go to the toilet. According to the results of a survey released by the Door of Rights, 90% of Italians answered the phone even while it is in the bathroom.

Three out of four people go to the bathroom with the phone, and use it to make calls, play games and surf the Internet, replacing the good old book, magazines and the classic crossword. Indeed, one in five men, even recognizes that it participated in a conference call to work while he was sitting on the “throne”.

The consequences? A good number of phones ends up mistakenly in the water, as evidenced by the increase in repairs of which 6% due to infiltration of water, although no one, almost never, have the courage to admit the sad incident.

Which are the basic elements in order to have a successful blog?

Angela. The constant presence. Write to us, our recipes, our secrets, our travels so honest and truthful. Always be present for our readers, always respond to their doubts, their why, giving recipes simple but creative. We are never closed for holidays!
What are your tips for our readers who want to take your profession?

Angela. Passion, perseverance, humility and creativity.
It gives us an exclusive recipe for our readers?

Clear. Exclusive? A blogger has exclusive recipes … all the public on the blog! We leave you the recipe that we published recently: Strozzapreti to pistachio pesto and smoked trout.

The application iGravidanza by synchronizing Bloetooth transmits the data of the growing child to the father, grandparents, and to whom you want, even in the most important as the 9th month, when everyone wants to know the number of contractions, how you feel, etc. . etc., for if it’s time to take you to the hospital!

To make quicker and immediate reading of the contractions, igravidanza realizes graphs that facilitate the reading of the frequency and duration of the contractions; Furthermore, the weigh scale can be recorded via WiFi to see the trend of weight graphically.

IMumy application for iPod and iPhone

It is a complete dictionary app doctor from a hand with the technical terms and tests to do, controlling those already made. It lets you record and find a number of useful addresses with the ability to create a true heading of pregnancy with numbers of your gynecologist and all the people who want to insert more than those of public administrations useful, such as the Ministry of Health, the ‘INPS etc …

Hype Comes, The Prepaid Card Of Banca Sella That Makes Life Easier

Hype Comes, The Prepaid Card Of Banca Sella That Makes Life Easier

Try a prepaid card that allows you to transfer and receive money within “tap” on the screen of the phone, at no cost and easy to use? Banca Sella offers just the thing for you! With Hype it all this and more: the era of HypeExperience has begun!

If we think of our daily life, made up of tasks and limited time, you can not help but wish for something that simplifies our days, even when it comes to money Speed ??up payment transactions, in Italy and abroad, do not waste time in line at the ATM or at the checkout of a shop where you purchased any products for a few euro, shop online secure and manage everything from your smartphone or tablet: these are the needs and desires of many.

Banca Sella decided to take up the challenge and created Hype, a prepaid card easy to use and manage that you can have a real IBAN. Hype is an electronic money account: you can use it to receive money and to send it to whoever you want. It is also not necessary to have a physical card, but you can ask for free and will be sent home. The advantage of the physical card is its contactless feature, or do not have to insert it into the scanner card shop; This system simplifies and speeds up the payments of a few Euros in all those situations where you’re in a hurry: a flash breakfast before taking a train, a charge for lunch before going to take the kids to school, those moments when you need purchase but you can not waste time. In many cities, such as London, you can pay the subway by simply bringing your card Mastercard circuit Hype sensors, in a moment you will get paid your ride!

But how exactly Hype? This electronic money account, as mentioned, allows you to send money to all your friends via email or phone number: it is the payment “peer to peer” that allows you to completely reset the time and cost of traditional credit transfers; You can also send money to people who do not have Hype (will receive an invitation to join, since it’s totally free why not take advantage?) and you yourself receive, given that there is an IBAN real to you.

There is an annual fee to be paid, no commissions will be paid at the time of charging or levy, either in Italy or abroad. Hype, however, is much more than just a prepaid card. It can, in fact, carry out their own plan with a spending target customized. If you plan to save for your journey of dreams, Hype will warn you when sforerete the “budget” agreed for the realization of your trip: notifications via mobile phone are immediate and easy to view.

Another feature of Hype is the ability to pause the paper with a simple “tap”, or through the touch screen smartphone. This function is very useful in case of loss or theft (you will not have to wait that both the bank to act) or when you want to limit purchases physical or online, “-activate” the card and no one will use it!

You still have some doubts? Try the app by downloading it from the store or from iTunes and Android please visit: here you can view the video of