How to Evacuate in buildings based on the type of the emergency part2

In the evacuation process above, when experiencing health problems (sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting), then separate themselves from the ranks and calm yourself. Call the clerk first aider or those closest around you. Officers first aider will soothe you. You will not be abandoned by the officers.

When you find someone unconscious, call the clerk first aider or other emergency response personnel. Third officer (first aider, fire suppressor, floor warden) to have the skills to extinguish the fire and give first aid. Earthquake kit however, if you are trained to help people who fainted, then do first aid and keep quiet. Ask the people closest around you to call emergency response personnel.

Hasil gambar untuk Tips Menyelamatkan Diri Saat Terjadi Gempa di Gedung Tinggi
Avoid carrying items that could hamper the evacuation process yourself AND others. The main priority is the soul, not the material. In the evacuation process, we expected at all to each other keep the peace and creating a calm others. Default Great stuff can make other people uneasy because the process down the emergency stairs becomes longer, not to mention the risk of the goods affected (if the goods unexpectedly fell).

EMERGENCIES: EARTHQUAKE. At the time of the earthquake: my experience, indirect alarm sounded because who knows there will be an earthquake? however, the alarm will sound as soon as possible, followed by the announcement of the building through pagging address declaring an emergency because of the earthquake. Performed:

1. KEEP QUIET. When feel the earthquake or someone shouting earthquake, remain calm. This is also true when you hear the sound of the alarm and announcement of pagging address that was an earthquake.

2. IMMEDIATE HAVEN under a solid object, or next to a wall that no objects dependent. sitting on the floor, and bowed his head toward the knee, and protect the back of the head with both hands (a curled up position).

3. Stay away from OBJECTS THAT CAN BE BROKEN OR fell over. When you’re there at your desk, move away from glass, windows, cabinets, displays and other objects that could fall and hit us. Shelter also must still be considered, for example under the desk, on the corridor walls are free of glass or objects that are easy to fall on.

4. Move & HAVEN wall in the area of solid building (elevator lobby area). If it is possible to move to an area of your floor elevator lobby after shaking finished, move to the elevator lobby area, and stay away from the possibility of falling lights or objects that hung / display. When shock-back occurs, do re-positioning cover.

5. Lack USING THE LIFT. Although assembled in the lift lobby area, you are NOT using the elevator. Risk behaviors when they use the elevator during an earthquake or when building elevator has not declared safe to use!

6. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE PERSONNEL. Officers will not allow us to leave the floor elevator lobby area until the instruction was given. At that time, the officers and their commanders (including security officers) waiting for instructions from the building were announced at pagging address-whether evacuated or remain in place.
When House asked you to evacuate, then follow the instructions Emergency Response Officers on the floor where you are. STAY CALM.

IMPORTANT: SHOULD SEE OR SMELL SMOKE IN THE CORRIDOR: tell the clerk and cover your nose and mouth with a wet handkerchief or tissue, or stay away from the smoke.

EMERGENCIES: BOMB THREAT. Can be a parcel bomb threat, mail / email, and telephone. When receiving foreign parcel unknown or email containing a bomb threat, immediately notify your security guard on the floor. When you receive a call containing a bomb threat, which is the following:


2. Ask the caller and record INFORMATION, such as the location of the bomb, the type of bomb, bomb aimed at the who, what caller request. Stay calm.

3. IDENTIFY AND SOUND BACKGROUND voice of the caller, and record. Recognize the voice of the caller from the type of sound (heavy, large, small), the voice of man or woman, accent or dialect caller, the language used. Background noise is the sound made from the telephone in addition to voice of the caller, for example, noise, people, trains, vehicles, machinery, water, or even if he did not sound (background calm conditions).

4. Tell SECURITY OFFICERS, the information you collect and record, and stay calm. Security officers will conduct follow-up on your report.


Under normal circumstances, emergency response personnel can still be reached at any time to report your medical condition.
How to distinguish between emergencies and practice: after the alarm sounds, listen to the announcement of the building. When you hear the words “exercises” or “exercise-exercise”, then the condition is an emergency response exercises, and you are obliged to follow it.

If you do not hear any of these words, then the alarm indicates a real emergency, and you are obliged to follow the instructions of emergency response personnel.

As the saying goes “umbrellas in the rain”, provide always a waist bag or small bag to store your wallet, cell phone, handkerchief / tissue, and socks whose base is not slippery (when the clothes are worn not have bags) and take it wherever you go.

When the state of emergency declared by the house, you just bring your small bag and went to the lobby area to prepare for evacuation. handkerchief or tissue can be used to cover your nose and mouth when you smell smoke or experience nausea, or pressing and closing the open sores on your body members or people around you are injured.

For women workers, socks non-slip footwear can be worn while you are still wearing high heels are asked to down the building through an emergency ladder when an emergency occurs.

When working in high rise building, then handily sneakers at their desks each, the minimum non-slip sandals or shoes with heels that short of rubber or without rights, and bases are not loud (bending). When a state of emergency was declared, you just swap your footwear with the shoe or slipper.
Congratulations to follow evacuation drills, and survivors have a level of awareness of better building safety.

How Facing When Earthquake

Earthquakes are vibrations or shocks that occur in the Earth’s surface due to the release of energy from the sudden that creates seismic waves.

Earthquake measured using seismometer. Moment magnitude is the most common scale in which earthquakes occur worldwide.

Rickter scale is a scale that was reported by the observatory seismological national is measured on a scale of local magnitude 5 magnitude. both the same scale during their valid ranges. 3 earthquakes of magnitude or more are mostly hardly noticeable and its large 7 over potentially cause serious damage over large areas, depending on the depth of the earthquake, earthquake emergency kit

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Facing way Earthquake

When you are in the house:

  • Do not panic and do not run out, take cover under a table or bed.
  • If no, protect the head with a pillow or other object.
  • Stay away from bookshelves, cabinets and windows.
  • Beware of the palate (roof) which may collapse, hanging objects such as ornaments on the walls and so on.

When you are outdoors:

  • Stay away from tall buildings, walls, sheer cliffs, power station and power lines, billboards, tall trees and so on.
  • Try to reach an open area.
  • Stay away from shelves, glass windows and doors.

When you are in the common room / public:

  • Do not panic and do not run out because the possibility was filled with people.
  • Stay away from objects that are easy to slip / fall like shelves, cabinets, windows and so on.

When you are driving a vehicle:

  • Immediately stop in the open.
  • Do not stop on the bridge or under the flyover / overpass.
  • When browsing in shopping malls, cinemas, and the ground floor of the mall:
  • Do not cause panic or a victim of panic.
  • Follow all instructions of an employee or security guard.

When you’re in an elevator:

  • Do not use the elevator / lift during an earthquake or fire. Better to use the emergency stairs.
  • If you feel the vibrations of an earthquake while in the elevator, then press all the buttons.
  • When the lift stop, get out, look if the situation is save and evacuate.
  • If you are stuck in an elevator, contact the building manager to use the interphone if available.

When you’re on the train:

  • Hold on tightly to the pole so that you will not fall if the car is stopped abruptly.
  • Be calm following the explanations of the train attendant.
  • Misunderstood information officer or station wagon will cause panic

When you are on the mountain / beach:

  • There is a possibility of sliding off a mountain. Stay out straight away to safety.
  • On the coast, the danger came from the tsunami. If you feel a vibration and signs of tsunamis appear, quickly evacuate to high ground.

You can help:

  • Because of health workers from hospitals will have difficulty coming to the scene then be prepared to provide first aid to the people around you.


  • Refugee camps are usually set up by the local government. Evacuation be necessary if the fire spreads due to the earthquake. In principle, the evacuation is done by walking under escort of police officers or government agencies. Bring items to taste.

Listen to information:

  • At the time of the earthquake, devastated community mental, sadness and stress. To prevent panic, it is important everyone be calm and act in accordance with the correct information. You can obtain the correct information from the authorities, the police, or officials PMK. Do not act because the information is not clear.

Light Steel Frame Fire and Earthquake Resistant

Mild steel frame is claimed to have a better capability in the face of the tremor earthquake survival kit .The following will explain how a lightweight steel frame can be said to have a better strength while standing unit.

Irosa Wahyudi, as the Engineering & Development Manager PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght, explains that mild steel frame has been laboratory tested in Japan. The result shows that the lightweight steel frame their produce to withstand earthquakes of up to 10 magnitude (Richter scale).

Light Steel Frame PT. NS Bluescope Lysaght
Wahyudi exemplifies home with lightweight steel frame can stand firm when an earthquake of 8.6 magnitude in Aceh. He also explained if the design of lightweight steel frame made in accordance with the procedure on a building, it can last up to 50 years.

Factors taken into consideration in the use of lightweight steel frame of which is compliance with the conditions of land, knowing the potential of an earthquake, as well as the strength of the wind around the building environment.

Wahyudi explained several indicators that make lightweight steel frame resistant to earthquakes and the advantages of lightweight steel frame:

  1. Lightweight materials.
  2. Sturdy stand in a design with an integrated system.
  3. Light weight and easily removed.
  4. The structure is sufficiently flexible, so it can be moved to adjust the vibration moment when an
  5. earthquake happens.

Resistant to fire, meaning that the lightweight steel frame will not pass the fire in case of fire.

5 Online Mistakes To Avoid In Small Business

As a small business proprietor, one can be busy and he might be juggling many unique responsibilities, and it is able to be tough for the businessman to consciousness on the right aspect at the right time. It’s no surprise that errors are made alongside the way. The article beneath will tells us about the few not unusual errors that many small groups make on-line, and what you can do to assist make certain you’re at the right route.

1.Using a social media page as the simplest internet cope with

Only fifty one percent of the small agencies have a website, yet eighty percent of the small enterprise use social media. For many small companies, social media acts as a key to develop their enterprise , however the businessman need to always know if their customers realize in which to locate them ?One of the perfect approaches so one can ensure that the customers discover them regardless of where the enterprise is registration of the domain call and the business is needed to point to its social media page. Jasa Website Cilegon

This is referred to as as area forwarding, and it works much like the manner of forwarding mail. The businessman can create a rule that robotically redirects every body who visits the domain call to the web page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Etsy or some thing social media platform the businessman uses as his commercial enterprise’s communications hub. Domain forwarding is usually quick and smooth to installation with the area call registrar.

A domain call also helps to brand the company with the aid of presenting a memorable and a marketable net cope with. When the businessman is prepared for a internet site, he is not required to change the web deal with that his customers already recognise and use.

2.Using a generic email issuer as the businessman’s employer electronic mail address

A domain name is a good deal greater than simply an cope with for the enterprise’s internet site. It can constitute every element of the business’s on line identification, which additionally consists of the commercial enterprise’s communications. In order to feature credibility, the enterprise can use his area call so that you can installation a custom e-mail address for his commercial enterprise.

Three.If the businessman Delays in building a website

A internet site is an essential characteristic in nowadays’s virtual global. It has however , by no means been less complicated to release a website. The real key to success is to begin small. The businessman ought to create some pages and he have to expand from there A businessman’s website can scale with the enterprise because it grows.

Four.Building a website and now not promoting it

The business internet site is the vital hub of the commercial enterprise’s on-line presence, but nobody will see it if the businessman is not selling it. Here are sure methods by way of which the businessman can pressure site visitors to the site and discover clients:

‘Social media marketing: The businessman ought to Advertise his business on social media and he ought to force customers to his internet site for more statistics

‘Email marketing: The businessman have to use his organisation’s -branded e mail and ought to send customers records approximately the special information and sales. He need to Include a hyperlink to his internet site wherein clients can examine greater

‘Search engine advertising (SEM): This is also referred to as paid seek, SEM lets in the businessman to sell his commercial enterprise internet site at the paid advertising and marketing section of seek outcomes pages

Five.Not thinking about a site name approach inside the advertising

A area name also can be used for advertising. In fact, it’s a tactic that big manufacturers efficiently use these days and it’s miles one that the businessman can without problems implement to propel his logo. Getting a trademark for your domain call is a additionally an excellent way to growth your brand visibility as part of your on-line advertising and marketing approach.

Thus if a small businessman avoids such on-line errors like not thinking about a site call strategy in on line advertising and marketing or getting an indicator or constructing a internet site and now not promoting it or delaying in building a website, he could lead his commercial enterprise to stepping stones of success .

3 Success keys for startup marketers

An entrepreneur is someone who units up a enterprise or a chain of enterprise, in desire for benefit from it..As an entrepreneur you want to take dangers, strive out new strategies and you need different characteristics as properly. But, there’s usually a cheat sheet for lots of things within the market. If no longer a cheat sheet, then there are definitely a few practices with the intention to placed you in a higher spot than others round you.

Surely there may be no shortcut to fulfillment. You cannot desire to reap achievement overnight. You cannot wish to have everything going for walks for your favour inside a couple of minutes of you beginning your business. Nothing is that easy, duration. Because if it have been that smooth, every body could be doing it. But, it isn’t always as difficult as you suspect it might be. As cited in our severa posts (pass examine them, if you haven’t already), you want to do your homework earlier than getting into something. You would not want to put money into a employer without learning about their foundation, their ideals, their techniques and their production’s income or loss inside the beyond 12 months.

Entrepreneurship is vaguely similar to being a detective. How is that, you may ask. Let us spoil it down into primary bureaucracy to make it a bit clean. What does a detective do?Solve instances?Well, entrepreneur does no longer solve cases, so does it make both the professions equal?A detective observes diverse things and viewpoints so as to remedy a case, that you all can accept, accurate?Being an entrepreneur is equal. Before beginning or making an investment in a enterprise, you observe various components like how plenty earnings did it make or will make, what’s the primary goal of this commercial enterprise and such questions, as I mentioned earlier in this publish.

We have compiled that will help you set your toes within the business and set your file straight up in an extended run.

1.) Be enthusiastic about your goals :

This goes without saying and should be the very first key to attain success. If you love what you are doing, then there may be no stopping it. Put your coronary heart and soul into it, similar to Eminem does into rapping. Eminem loves track, he loves rapping and he does simplest that and there is no arguing whether he’s one of the bests or no longer. Do you spot him running other business ventures?Do you spot him doing whatever else except making music?He puts his one hundred% in what he does and we all have to take that as an instance and do the same. Put your one hundred% efforts into what business you’re doing. If you do it half heartedly, you may by no means achieve what you aspire to be. So, give all of it you have and just dive into it deep. Fall for it head to toe.

2.) Be patient and agree with in yourself :

As an entrepreneur, one more very important skill you want to have with you is persistence. You need to have a few tolerance as well. But, endurance will come in handy loads. Starting and walking a commercial enterprise isn’t a infant’s play for certain and it wishes time as a good deal as it wishes willpower in the direction of it. You will no longer gain customers overnight, you’ll not create a Microsoft or Apple in at some point. You just can’t, period. You should supply it your all and hold running on it. There can be a time when a consumer may depart and you would possibly hit the rock bottom. It is that point which breaks someone inner out and you might even want to close your business down. This is the time to be patient and have confidence in yourself and your crew, if any. Always try to be the exceptional. Even Eminem has terrible Albums and feature had a rough time. But, did he give up?Nope, due to the fact he believes in himself and you have to trust in your self as properly. This point can’t be confused sufficient.

Three.) Walk, do not run :

Don’t take it actually well, you could take it literally as properly as it’ll help you out with your fitness troubles. A healthful frame yields a healthful mind, which in turn gives positive results in enterprise or paintings. But, that isn’t the factor we want to make right here. A lot of recent marketers make a totally basic mistake maximum of the time, they try to attain fulfillment in a single day. Most of us do not have endurance and we try to hurry the whole thing and get it done ASAP. But, that ought to not be the case. Just like they say Chew well, don’t swallow, eat nicely to be able to make use of food and its vitamins properly, you must attempt to take one step at a time and not cowl the complete ground as quickly as you begin on foot. Every area has a thing or to teach you and you could analyze loads from pretty a whole lot everyone and everything. So, take your time and slow down a touch and don’t run.

You do want different abilties to grow to be a a success entrepreneur, however these 3 are very simple keys to end up a a hit entrepreneur. Read them and understand cautiously and allow those sink in. When you attempt pertaining to those with actual lifestyles, you will see which you observe these 3 keys anywhere, in any area and in any work you need. These are the three universal keys to fulfillment. Love what you do, have patience and walk, do not run!

Spanish properties modern, safe from earthquakes; the rest … unknown

What would happen in Spain with residential buildings occur if an earthquake like that of L’Aquila ? It seems difficult to foresee the consequences, especially if the epicenter occurs near a city, experts say . What is clear, at least on paper, it is that the blocks of flats built under the anti – seismic regulations 1994 and 2002 (incorporated in the Technical Building Code -CTE-) would be almost totally immune to disaster. The effects on raised above, unknown. Contrary to what one might think, skyscrapers are better prepared to withstand earthquakes.

“I have no doubt that Spain is ready 100% for it does not happen so in Italy. From given a similar quake would have only material damage. Only if the epicenter occurred in large cities and moving out of high density could be danger , “said Carlos Hernández Pezzi, President of the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain (CSCAE) . Pezzi justifies these statements noting that the legislation is continually renewed, which have made progress in concrete structures and studied the millimeter land.

Only about 10 buildings in L'Aquila, two or three new construction, collapsed |  Ap

‘If an earthquake of magnitude six occurs in a city, earthquake disaster kit the outcome would be very similar to that lived in Italy’

Less clear is what Patrick Murphy, architect and specialist in studies of seismic vulnerability of buildings . “The Spanish cities are very similar to the Italian and mainly old cases of these feature buildings that are obsolete from the point of view of seismic resistance. If an earthquake of a magnitude six were produced in an urban area, the outcome would be very similar , ” says Murphy after witnessing in person the catastrophe of L’Aquila.

Irish – born architect no doubt by stating that “the big jump in construction is produced with the 1994 regulations coming into force in 1996”. “The buildings constructed for 13 years have high guarantees to survive an earthquake like that of Italy , ” he says. Murphy is surprised that in L’Aquila of the approximately 10 properties that have sunk completely, two or three are newly built. “This will be talking about , ” he says.

Pezzi more explicit about which no doubt say that it shows “there has been some corruption” regarding building controls in Italy because ” it is not normal contemporary buildings have fallen”. And it starts circulating the rumor that in the Italian city has been used to sand beach to erect buildings.

Spain map of seismic risk, according to the latest standard of earthquake resistance of 2002.
Ampliar photo

Spain map of seismic risk, according to the latest standard of earthquake resistance of 2002.

The Mediterranean, the area most at risk

Spain has a seismic risk map that locates the Mediterranean area as the most vulnerable to tremors area. Thus, depending on the demarcation a method of work or other applies . “Where there is risk of earthquakes is being built with concrete structures quite efficient , ” says Pezzi. The main material also chosen in Japan, the country par excellence of earthquakes. “In Japan use more concrete than us because the demand is much higher standard , ” said Murphy confirming that anti – seismic regulations is increasingly common in all countries.

Beyond the material used, it should be noted that the skyscrapers , contrary to what might appear, are less vulnerable to earthquakes that low buildings. “It’s difficult for a fall height property than others as these are calculated elasticity for possible movements or strong winds , ” stresses Pezzi.
It is pointing in the same direction Murphy, who “after the highest and most complex building ever more creditworthy companies and professionals with greater control and studied projects.” Given these assumptions, the multiple skyscrapers of Benidorm, construction icon height in the Mediterranean, would not run any danger.

Continuous renewal rules

Following the recent catastrophic experience lived in L’Aquila, it seems that something will change. “The lessons learned in Italy will be applied in Spain. Maybe in 2010 we have a new law , ” Murphy explains, stressing that there is a Standing Committee of the Seismic Resistance Norm that handles be renewing the existing standard by introducing new knowledge and advanced materials that appear.

The benefits of drinking cold water

The benefits of drinking cold water -, probably everyone knows the benefits of ait white but did you know that cold water also has some benefits for the body, so that’s a topic that this time we will discuss are the benefits of drinking cold water for the body, the benefits of drinking cold water apparently there but the cold drinks was not good if consumed in excess it helps us wisely as possible to make use of cold water.

benefits of drinking cold water

benefits of drinking cold water

this is the benefits of drinking cold water to body you should know.

mambantu body burns calories

If people circulating the myth of drinking cold water after eating it makes fat then you do not have to believe it, because it actually makes your body into fat is not for drinking his cool but your habit of lying down or sleeping after a meal, but if we know the cold water in beneficial drink after a meal to help the body burn calories without exercise, due to its incoming cold water into our bodies will meneetralkan body to the ice water by way of the body to burn more calories than usual.

skin health

The cold water is used in the bath, especially at the time of the last rinse is very good for the skin, cold water is beneficial to rejuvenate the skin, tighten proi pores and is also useful for reducing the spots of acne scars on the skin, in addition to the cold water is also useful as a natural detoxification so racunracun that settles in the body can come out. (the benefits of drinking cold water)

Hair right Menyehat

cold water that is used to mennyiram hair after shampooing can naturally help restore production of oil on the hair so the hair is naturally going to be fresh and without mengkilau, it is very contradictory if you use warm water, because if we use warm water to rinse hair will impact on hair that has eroded oil that makes the hair becomes matted and dried.

That’s reviews Benefits of drinking cold water that we as admin healthy naturally can be shared, for that I’m sorry if there is any other word in the posting bye see you.

Best LCD Monitor DELL UltraSharp U2515H

Best LCD Monitor DELL UltraSharp U2515H

Here is another aesthetic monitor truly spectacular to see. It has one of the highest body ratio display absolute and has a minimal and subtle look; Furthermore it is also adjustable at will in many positions, for maximum comfort. Its diagonal is 25 inches and has a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It also features the IPS technology that provides a superior viewing angle and perfect contrast. We are at the top also regarding the response time, is never present delay or lag with the inputs. And it is to be commended also the value for money which makes it one of the best purchases. The only small flaw is the lack of VGA port and DVI port (there’s only HDMI) to allow connection even older PCs, but it’s a detail completely irrelevant if you want to use with a computer to ‘ garde.

Best LCD Monitors Acer XB280HK

We move quietly into the high-end gaming with a monitor from 28 inches diagonally and Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels Aesthetically it is of extreme comfort thanks to a minimally invasive stand but fully adjustable for any height and angle. of unquestionable strength is the quality of the image, which is very sharp and realistic both in media and in gaming. Another advantage is that even has a built-in USB hub to connect peripherals. By rewarding gaming experience, with G-Sync support for synchronization of performance directly with the video card. Finally, the response time of only 1 millisecond, there is virtually no delay. Only small sore point is the viewing angle that’s just not the top, but it’s a detail resolved by the possibility to adjust the display at will.

Editor’s Choice – Best LCD Monitors Asus PG278Q

You want the best of the best Asus is a master of the field, and it provides with this 27-inch diagonal monitor with Quad HD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. Here too there is a perfectly adjustable stand and highly articulated. At the technical level is even available 3D mode for this screen. And here we are at the stratospheric refresh rates with 144 Hertz in standard mode and 120 Hertz in 3D (including the adjustable via special button). Also present here the functionality G-Sync for your video card, and in addition there are options for gamers which allow you to make the most advanced gaming experience (for example, there is a button to customize the viewfinder in the game and make it more precise).

Contrast Photography Stay In A Few Easy Steps

Contrast Photography Stay In A Few Easy Steps

Renewing the stay in a few simple steps? Sometimes, to change look to the living area of ??the house, not have to spend as much or change all the furniture, but they are enough a few simple steps that will look like this new area of ??the house. Discover then our advice to give new life to the living!

Sometimes, to change the entire look of the house with an environment just really very little. In fact, with a touch of imagination and style, you can turn your own living room depending on the season of the year or your personal taste, but without spending much time and effort!

The ways and ideas to revamp your living room in a warm and comfortable are so many. For example, they take the flowers (also fake or colored) to shine a living off and graying. For a touch green, then put the pot plants or flower arrangements of resting on the coffee table, to give the place a touch of color.

If, then, you want to give a slightly different look to your living room, then you can change the cushions or fabrics for sofas, choosing colors and patterns other than you had before. Be inspired by the color and your state of mind, without fear of daring! In addition to renewing pillows and sofas, you can change the curtains of the room, which will give a whole new look to the environment. New curtains, in fact, they are perfect to decorate a living in a few steps and will also be chosen according to furnishings and season of the year.

However, also other simple details or details may change to look to your living room. For example, a new carpet or lamps can change a lot the atmosphere, making it more beautiful, warm and welcoming. It will be useful in order, even change the layout of objects, accessories and books that were already in the living room. To give a different touch to the environment do not forget also to add frames, pictures, mirrors, paintings, shelves and decorative pots to brighten the corners of stay anonymous.

Finally, for a more decisive change but not too radical, betting on the change of color of the walls: a new wallpaper, decorative stickers or repaint the walls of the living room with light colors or bright, such as purple or pink.

Browse the photo gallery to see all the ideas to renew the stay in a few easy steps!

4 Modern Houses From The Project To The Final Result

4 Modern Houses From The Project To The Final Result

Very often you can see images of fabulous homes, from outside up to the smallest details of the interior, rarely has the opportunity to see the projects that are the basis of their construction. In this Book of Ideas homify then we decided to offer four fantastic houses with projects and plans, so that you can make a more accurate and complete picture of the distribution of the spaces and their overall organization with the help of our experts. 4 modern houses, perfect examples of contemporary style that will feed your creativity and inspire solutions to bring into your home.

The dining room

Inoltriamoci now in the rest of the house, namely in the dining room, an environment a bit ‘more secluded but stands out in tone and character. Once again stands out to the eye the difference between container and contents, the first modern, essential and delicate, the second classic, sometimes majestic, and with an important past behind. Just look at the design of the console and the beauty of the Arte Povera table complete with chairs.

The bathroom

But if up to ancient and modern now have equally lived together in an amazing combination of factors, in the bathroom all this disappears. We are in fact, in a fort of modernity and the latest trend. Starting from the large light and dark tiles respectively to the floor and the wall, through the design of furnishing radiator, and eventually the style of bathroom. In short, an explosion of elegance and refinement. And you, what do you think

A large modern environment

Here is the wonderful result of a great transformation, which makes us believe that we are hardly talking about the same apartment the previous photo. The dining room and the living room have been integrated into a single space, where communication and the light flow both evenly. The depth of field is impressive and the apparent spaciousness is enhanced by the white color of the walls, much brighter and modern. Along the side wall comprises a storage space, with simple lines with minimalist furniture. This environment is now synonymous with modernity and luxury.

Functionality and ingenuity

As already mentioned, along the lateral wall is a large white wall system that adds more space to store books and magazines and is characterized by decidedly contemporary lines. This mobile favors the entire wall, including the doors and is at the same time the library and media area, without forgetting the places decorative elements on the shelves of it. The lower part of the equipped wall contains the radiators without that are in view. An ingenious solution!